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Hi everyone!


We’re very excited to announce that the Music Tribe Care Portal is now live. If you need technical support, repairs or just have a question about a product or service, you can easily submit these to Music Tribe through a simple and easy to use interface. All your submitted tickets can also be viewed and managed right on the Care Portal landing page. 


Check out the video below on how to create a ticket

Or check the video here: Case Portal - How to Create a Case

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Much like everything else on this website, that video isn't working... It's been giving the message "This video is currently being processed.Please try again in a few minutes." Since it was posted 3 weeks ago.


It's almost like you want to give the impression that you have a support department,but It's a bit tedious dealing with customers and their incessant moaning all the time. So you decided not to bother with one in reality.

A cynical person might come to the conclusion that someone's done the equation. of "How much money does it cost to support our products versus how much money will we lose if we don't support our products."


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Hi @PetGerbil ,

Thank you for pointing this out. 

For the time being, you can watch the guide on creating a ticket through this link:

Case Portal - How to Create a Case


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Hi team,
I come across some customers that cannot create a ticket and it seems the global support e-mail, that allowed to send a support request directly to the team is no longer working!?  - if you need support and neither phone nor direct e-mail options are available + the support form doesn't allow the ticket to be created, customers get frustrated.
support ticket not working.PNG

Is anybody from the CARE team monitoring the community and follows up on those?

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"...Is anybody from the CARE team monitoring the community and follows up on those?"

That'll be a "No" then......   Smiley Very Happy


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It's obviously known that the support for music traibe is trash right now , you're hoping  people find the answers on the community so you don't have to deal with it if . When you try making up a ticket it seems that only has selections and not even an option to type in the real problem you have plus you have no phone support so thankfully you have good products but  A part of having a good product is good support and that is so bad right now.