M32-EDIT Version 2.5 (Mac, PC, Linux) is now available!

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Dear all,

Our latest control app, M32-EDIT Version 2.5 is now available for download.

The Midas M32-EDIT 2.5 is the latest editing software update created specifically for Midas’ M32 console series. This update provides powerful remote control for all functions, as well as off-line editing and show preparation. M32-EDIT communicates via UDP/OSC protocol through the M32 Ethernet port, and facilitates the remote control or setting of virtually all functions of the M32 console. Real-time level meters are displayed for all audio channels, along with user-defined icons and names. The top left section mimics the console’s main display, while the lower part represents the channel fader sections. All elements closely emulate the M32 operation, and hence allow for operational training sessions – even when the console is unavailable for hands-on experience.

It is possible to edit multiple consoles on the same network concurrently via several instances of M32-EDIT, by selecting their individual IP addresses. It is also possible to run several instances of M32-EDIT and M32-MIX (for iPad) concurrently on several devices, with all controlling the same M32 console. The M32-EDIT communication is optimised for the support of up to four wired network clients per M32 console. We recommend using the M32-MIX application for iOS6 wireless control via your Apple iPad.

What’s new in M32-EDIT Version 2.5 (Update from M32-EDIT 2.4)

V 2.5 features improved graphics routines for better performance on the recent Apple Mac OSX 10.11 operating system. It also fixes some small glitches, including the issue when remote controlling the application via MCU and selecting EQ on a DCA. The GUI scaling control on Setup/global now also supports scaling down to 800 pixels width, specifically for tiny displays such as the new RPi2-display.

New Features:

• Extended GUI scaling range from 800-1800 pixels window width
• New switch for scaling the X32 EDIT window to standard size Enhancements
• Improved graphics routines for better performance on Mac OSX 10.11
• Several bug fixes, including:
> MCU remote control issue with DCA-EQ
> EQ band reset switch will no longer toggle gain off/on when LoCut or HiCut filter modes are selected
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