Midas DL32 Stage Box Firmware V1.7 Now Available!

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Dear all,

We're very pleased to announce that a new firmware update (v1.7) for the DL32 Stage Box is now available as a free download on the Midas website.


The firmware update 1.7 for DL32 adds performance improvements and new features to the I/O box operating system. This new version improves AES3 (AES/EBU) status bits, adds MIDI remote control of head amps and prevents clicks when using the Mute All Outputs function with very high subsequent gain.

The firmware update can easily be done via USB using a Windows PC/laptop computer. Please follow the update instructions at the end of this document.

This new DL32 Firmware version contains:

New Features
• Hold the MUTE button during power-on to disable the fan
• Version 1.3 with increased fan voltage to support new fan model
• Version 1.5 includes aes/ebu validity and status bits changed (fixing no-sound issue with Lab.gruppen iPD series)
• Version 1.6 adds MIDI preamp remote control (as in DL16)
• Version 1.7 Mute all function changed to digital mute, only

MIDI Remote Control
• Note: The DL32 will only accept MIDI controls when its preamps are not controlled from
a console (i.e. M32 series) already
• When DL32 is connected to any AES50 clock master that does not control its preamps, (e.g. Lynx AES16e-50), then its rear panel MIDI input allows controlling head amp gain and phantom power
• Rx/Tx on MIDI CH01 CC80...95, 0-19 > Input 1-16, Gain, 2.5 dB steps, -2.5 dB...45 dB
• Rx/Tx on MIDI CH01 CC96...111, 0/127 > Input 1-16, Phantom power, on/off
• Rx/Tx on MIDI CH02 CC80...95, 0-19 > Input 17-32, Gain, 2.5 dB steps, -2.5 dB...45 dB
• Rx/Tx on MIDI CH02 CC96...111, 0/127 > Input 17-32, Phantom power, on/off

Windows (WinXP or higher) PC with USB connector and administrator account required for running the updater executable (DL32update_1-7.exe)

Update Process:
1. Download and unpack the updater zip file from midasconsoles.com on your Windows PC
2. While the DL32 is switched off, connect its USB port to your PC using a standard USB cable (type A -- type B)
3. Upon powering up, the DL32 will detect the USB connection and wait for the update
4. Make sure you have started your Windows session with Administrator access, then start the DL32update_1-7.exe
5. The terminal window will inform you about the update progress. Wait approximately 1 min until it shows completed
6. Disconnect the USB link and switch the DL32 power off / on
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Thanks for you post. I'm making this comment because I'm trying to update the firmware of my DL32 but the DL32 is not recognised by the PC. As soon as I boot the DL32 when connected to the computer the PC shows a message saying "USB device not recognised". I'm connecting the DL32 while is turned off and then I'm turning it on while connected. Because of this I haven't been able to run the updater and therefore my M32C which is up to date is not recognising the DL32. I've tried this with another PC and the same issue occurs. What could be the reason? 


Thanks for your help in advanced. 

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j'ai le meme probleme pour la mise a jour de mon DL32.

impossible de mettre la maj 1.7

la fenetre de maj s'ouvre, lle telechargement commence et 10 secondes apres;, ca s'arrete et le message"peripherique non reconnu "apparait.


une solution a t elle ete trouver?



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Hey Fred,

No, in the end I wasn't able to update the firmware of my DL. My solution was to sent back the unit and get a new one from Midas.