Music Tribe 2.2 Release Notes

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Good news everyone, today we’re happy to announce another batch of updates to the Music Tribe Website that will be rolling out this Thursday, May 30, 2019


This release includes a lot of improvements to the UI and the Customer Tribes


Community Tribes Changes

  • Updated side bar in Customer Tribes including a search bar, filters and tags
  • Updated mobile experience
  • Removed sub-categories under all Customer Tribes. Topics and categories can now be searched directly within a Customer Tribe
  • Added a List View feature to be able to easily scroll through posts
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    search a
        if a="TCGROUP" or "NEWS" or "DISCUSSION" then display a
        else display "No New Posts-displaying old posts"

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Community Manager

Hi @PetGerbil 

Search inside a "board" will only return topics under that "board". Please use the search bar on the top right side to search for whole community content. Smiley Happy

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"I would like to buy some shoes my good man"

"certainly sir, we have a wide range. Have a browse of our big box 'o'shoes. All sizes and styles in one box."

"Can i look at just the mens shoes in size 10 ?"

"No,but you can look in the Womens shoes,siz 6,high heels and coloured yellow section of the big 'ol' box o' shoes."


Just a TC-Group "New posts" button. Is that too much to ask ?


Tc-Helicon->Vocal-processors->Vocal processors coloured silver->vocal processors that are silver and have midi - but are not used specifically in a live environment->Vocal processors that........  "New Posts"


The new post button is too far down the heirachy. It needs to be on the "Parent" group..


Community Manager

Hi @PetGerbil thanks for your feedback. Will discuss this with the team.