Music Tribe China: Approved to Recommence Operation

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We are very pleased to announce that Music Tribe China has been approved to recommence operation in Zhongshan on 11th of February.

While the global spread of the Coronavirus continues, we have worked hand in hand with the local government to ensure we were able to resume operations in a safe and controlled fashion.
3 people per desk policy in the office3 people per desk policy in the officeStaff temperature scanningStaff temperature scanningStaff temperature scanningStaff temperature scanning
The EHS organization has done an outstanding job in the preparations for the return to work, observing all the requirements from the government and creating a thorough action plan. This afternoon, Tuesday 11th February, the government was onsite to check the execution of the plan and thanked Music Tribe for the commitment and actions that we have taken not only to meet requirements but also vastly exceed.
EHS SignageEHS SignageCanteen DisinfectionCanteen DisinfectionNotifications posted on all entrancesNotifications posted on all entrances
Great collaboration and care has been extended from various the Music Tribe teams in Sweden, sourcing 10k surgical masks and the Malaysian team who just confirmed a further 20k surgical masks to ensure that our Chinese Tribers are safe and we can continue production for our Customers. Countless Tribers have contributed significantly - too many to mention here and I would like to thank them all and say how proud we are of the team spirit and care for one another.
Photos that are shown above are from today’s operation showing temperature scanning and recording, control of mask wearing, disinfections and additional cleaning.
Thanks everyone!
Posting on behalf of Deed Douglas
Performance Leader, Music Tribe China
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That is fantastic. I'm glad you all are well. I have been worried for you. I asked on one of the Behringer synth pages but no one had any real answers so, I came looking here. Thank you for the update.