NAMM 2015 Performance Videos

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Dear All,
Last month at the NAMM show we were fortunate to have some world class musicians play at our booth, including Stanley Jordan, Victor Wooten, Doug Wimbish, & More. I had the pleasure of handling the sound for the event, where we used the X32 with a pair of S16 stage boxes to drive both monitor wedges and FOH speakers (TURBOSOUND MILANs). I have included links to the performances below, check them out and let us know what you think!

"Sunshine Of Your Love" with Doug Wimbish, Victor Wooten, Meytal Cohen, & Eric Gales, & More

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"Voodoo Child" with Doug Wimbish & Friends

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Doug Wimbish & Victor Wooten Bass Duet Live at NAMM 2015

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“Rapper’s Delight” with Doug Wimbish, Victor Wooten, Wonder Mike & Master Gee, Eric Gales, & More

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"Red House" with Doug Wimbish, Victor Wooten, Eric Gales, & More

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That kid is awsome playing the guitar!

Wooten isn't too bad either