New M32 Firmware V 3.07 & M32-Edit V 3.1 are now available for download!

Triber Contributor
Dear all,

We have just officially released new updated versions of our M32 EDIT 3.1 and M32 Firmware V 3.07 and both are available as free downloads from

M32-EDIT 3.1 (2016-10-04)
- Crash when editing scribble color and name concurrently
- Mismatch of displaying DCA- and Mute Group assignments in channel
strip, after changing the status in offline mode
- Typo "Sceenes" in Setup/Gui prefs
- Automatic re-connect dialog on startup clipped with high screen
resolution "resize" settings
- DCA meters in main mixer view not working
- Name editing/customization for fader bank buttons
- Restore window width is not working on startup
- Add a modifier key for adjusting EQ q-factor (=> CMD + tap-drag)
- App fails to populate the recorder track list properly, when more
than 44 tracks per folder
- Writing scenes to disk removes the scene-notes
- FX5-8 insert status and assignment not properly populated
- Snippet not updating the mixer safes in EDIT3.0 app
- No talkback buttons in main window
- Mouse over FX values are indicated directly for rotary elements,
while faders require a change to display the value over it
- Autoselect only when clicking and moving a fader
- Improved meter display ballistics for decaying or declining levels
- Add small channel insert button on mixer overview page, replacing
the channel link icon, which is now indicated next to the fader track
- FX5-8 metering bug > fixed
- FX1-4 DualCombinator > page B inaccurate settings
- Send indicator for stereo subgroups on mixer overview page should
not have a separate pan slider
- Current snippet flags for Mixer: "Config" and "Solo" are misleading,
rename to "Monitor" and "Talkback" respectively
- Setup/Mixer/Synchronization > typo 3rd bullet should be "AES50 B"
- Scene creation dialog issue fixed
- Solo/MC metering separated and new floating Main Meters utility created

Known issues: Some improvements were made regarding Win10 touch interfaces,
but root cause of double triggering could not be resolved within the sdk yet.

Tested on RPi2 Raspbian, Ubuntu and Xubuntu Linux, Win-7 and Win10 64-bit,
MacOSX 10.6.8, 10.11 El Capitan, 10.12 Sierra

Firmware 3.07 (2016-10-04):
- X-TOUCH channel color and name refresh update problem corrected
- X-TOUCH assigning mute groups fixed
- Labels on snippet page corrected (console scope)
- Fader tolerance issue with some M series consoles fixed