New PRO Series Offline Editor G3.2.6 is now available!

Triber Contributor
Dear all,

We're pleased to announce our latest Offline Editor G3.2.6 for PRO1, PRO2, and PRO X.

Version G3.2.6 - Offline Editor

Full Public Release for Offline Editor

This document constitutes a formal release of Offline Editor software for full public usage. This build can be made fully available to the public.

Addressed Issues:
- Fixed GUI navigation issues on 13" Retina MacBook Pro
- USB detection now works on El Capitan
- Fixed Issues where text and file lists can display incorrectly when window resized

Additional Information

How to install the offline editor on OSX
1. Copy the file below to an Apple Macintosh computer, double-click the file.
2. Accept the license agreement then drag the Midas Offline Editor icon onto the “Drop here to install” icon.
3. The program is then automatically installed and can be clicked to start it.

Minimum Specifications (for application only)
Apple Mac with OSX 10.7 (Lion) or above
500MB HDD available

Operational Considerations

Please ensure you Mac settings are configured to allow third party applications to be installed

How to install the offline editor on OSX:
- Download the dmg file from the website to your Mac
- Double click on the icon
- Follow the on screen instructions