Recognizing our Top Contributors for January 10th to January 23rd

Community Manager

I'd like to grab this opportunity to acknowledge these people for their continuous support for the Community.

I will be sharing this to you every 2 weeks as we review how we are performing every fortnight.


Here are the top 5 posters for this fortnight:

User Posts Kudos Solutions


96 Replies

13  7
@GaryHiggins  81 Replies
@KenMitchell  81 Replies 12 
@DaveMorrison  57 Replies 6
@TCH-Rob  45 Replies 15 


Again, thank you for your continuous support and I hope that we continue to help each other in making the Community. I hope to see these guys again on the next fortnight and hopefully, even see new faces.


Let's keep supporting and acknowledging each other's contributions, don't forget to give a Kudos and Accept as Solution on those replies that helped you.