X32 Firmware V 3.11 is now available for download!


Dear all,

We're pleased to announce the release of our latest X32 Firmware V 3.11.


The X32 Firmware Update V 3.11 features performance enhancements to the award-winning X32 operating system. 


The Version 3.11 firmware adds support for these new optional expansion cards:

• Klark Teknik DN32-LIVE (included in M32-LIVE and M32R-LIVE mixers)

• Klark Teknik DN32-WSG (optional expansion card) for direct access to SoundGrid processing networks, featuring

  32 channels of lowest latency audio in- and output over IP networks. Please refer to waves.com for all plugin, software

  and hardware products offered by WAVES. 


X-TOUCH remote control is improved and the HA remote control startup issue is fixed. Firmware 3.11 also enables transmission of channel color and name info via AES50.

Behringer is constantly adding new features and making enhancements to this extremely stable operating system, so that you always experience the best possible performance from your X32. Check out behringer.com for updates regularly.


Note: It is recommended that you backup all data (export Show and Libraries to USB) before updating, as a firmware upgrade may erase data currently stored on your X32. Please be aware that firmware 3.09 is required for our new X32-Edit 3.2 on PC / Mac / Linux computers, preferably in wired networks. Connect the X32 to a Wifi router for controlling it wirelessly with X32-Mix 3.1 or higher on Apple iPad (min. iOS 9), or with X/M32-Mixingstation for Android (min. 4.0).



• Behringer X-TOUCH pressing REC starts 2-channel usb recorder correctly

• Behringer X-TOUCH send to stereo bus pan can now be reset by pressing the pan encoder

• Headamp remote startup bugfix


New features:

• Support for Klark Teknik DN32-WSG and DN32-LIVE cards

Contributor - Level 2

Hello. I just  upgrade the firmware from 3.09 to 3.11. I use 3 X32 linked together via AES50.I'm very interested in the sending the colour and names from one mixer to the rest of the mixers. How do i do that?

And which mixer is the masterfor the scribble strips?

The 3.11 firmware  claim's to be able to do exactly what i need. 

Is that true?

Thank you very much.

Super Contributor - Level 2

Hi! Where can I find the download link? The latest firmware version on the Downloads page is 3.08.




Contributor - Level 3

@OliverM Do you know if anyone has fixed the disaster that is the USB 4.59 drivers update for Win 10? The drivers install easy enough, but in order to run ASIO with them, the Dfu needs to be upgraded too and it is an abysmal failure and refuses to be upgraded. It won't update no matter what, rendering the 4.59 drivers utterly useless.