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Harmony Singer/Helicon C-1

Is it possible to hook up a Harmony Singer to a pitch correction pedal like a Voicetone C1? Or is there a stombox that will do both harmony, tone and pitch correction?

Re: Harmony Singer/Helicon C-1

Triber Moderator

Hey @Erik,
The smallest units in the TC Helicon family that can do harmony, pitch correction, and tone are the VoiceLive Play, and the Perform-V.  If you do end up using your Harmony Singer with a pitch correction pedal (like a C1), be sure to use the correction first in the chain and run your corrected voice into the Harmony Singer.  Also, just keep in mind that every TCH pedal in the chain adds about 6ms of latency, so with two pedals you'd be around 12ms which is just beginning to be noticeable.  If that bothers you, then you might be better off with a do-it-all pedal where you only need one piece of gear (VoiceLive Play, Perform-V, Touch 2, etc).  Cheers!

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