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I am a total novice who has been given a task I know nothing about so please forgive my stupidity! I have to set up a stage for a performance night. I have 4 speakers with just cable wires coming out no connections. I have a "musysic MU-PM8C 8 channel power stereo mixer" and I have a Behringer super-x pro CX2310. what is the order of connectivity here? 

What I understand is that I plug my microphones and instruments into the mixer and then use the "Main Out" from the mixer (see images) to plug into the super-x pro CX2310 and plug the stage speakers into the super-x pro CX2310. 

Am I correct to use the 2x "main out" of the mixer to connect to the 2x inputs of the super-x pro cx2310 via a cable that is one end TRS and other end is a male XLR?

I do not have any subs or anything fancy just 4 very stock standard speakers with wires coming out old school style! IF I connect female XLR plugs to the speaker cable to connect it to the super-x pro CX2310 would I plug speaker 1&2 (left side of stage) into (see diagram attached) no1- high/high, no2 mid/low and speaker 3&4 into the opposite "not used/high" and "low/low" without numbers in the diagram?

Please help me. I am way over my head here!

Thank you in advance......

IMG_4925.JPGIMG_4926.JPGsuper-x pro cx2310.jpg

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Hi Ken, thank you for being awesome! New question: I have this karaoke powered amp (see attached) and am wondering if this will work (after the crossover) to power the speakers? Though I’m not sure where I’d plug the crossover into it?

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Ok great Ken thank you I am getting it so far. Just to throw another question in the mix.... I have this (see attached) karaoke powered amplifier and am wondering if this will do it to go between the crossover and the speakers? Though I am very unsure if it's possible how with the holes in the back (where) I connect it to the crossover? 

I am really trying to find a way for this crossover to be used! I understand if this doesnt work then I will need to purchase a different powered amp or some powered speakers to have everything connecting and communicating properly but for now I am trying with everything I have to make it happen! I hope you are at least getting a good laugh out this! Smiley Happy 


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Hi @LeanneSmith , 


No, that karaoke amp won't work.  It's only inputs are for microphones so you cannot connect a line level signal to it.  Why is it necessary to use that crossover?  I've already given you a workable solution without it.  There would be no benefit to using the crossover since you are not using a subwoofer.   In addition, you'd have the added complexity of making the proper settings on the crossover in order for it to work. 



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