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Usb stick playback / recording

Since the update 3.11 i can't playback mp3 files or wav files on my M32r / X32p / X32.
I hoped it was solved since the last firmware update 4.01 but it's still the same problem.

When recording to the stick in firmware 4.01 you can only choose left or right (otherwise no rec. signal) and on the meters you only get signal on the right channel meter, by playback you get mono on L and R out.

I tried different usb sticks, fat16 and fat32 format, sticks works everywere fine except in my 3 consoles.

Is this my fault or is this a problem in the console(s) by the firmware?

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Re: Usb stick playback / recording

Mp3 playback has never been possible due to licensing.


There is however a feature request submitted to allow for mp3 playback now that the mp3 patent has expired. We just have to see if it makes it into v4.

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Re: Usb stick playback / recording

I'm converting my files and will test it tomorrow afternoon


Re: Usb stick playback / recording

Hello all

XM32 series never supported mp3
They list only files with .wav extension, thus not showing the other formats.

It has been a request since a long time, and is one of the most voted feature on the feedback Trello board
So I would say that it will have to be implemented at some point, but it hasn't been decided when yet...

Hopeully soon Smiley Happy
Best regards

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Re: Usb stick playback / recording

Thanks guys,

Tested the wav files and everything works perfectly now.
And indeed it only works with 44.1KHz and 16bit stereo wav files.