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X Air Axis (by StrongSoft)

X Air Axis (3D Surround Sound Controller) for the X Air and M Air series of consoles is now available in the App Store...

X Air Axis is an iOS App for iPhone and iPad which allows surround-sound control using the Behringer X Air series of consoles. Control of up to 8 speakers (for xyz control) is permitted, with 3D control of eight channels of audio. Several 'mind-blowing' trajectories are incorporated into the App, allowing for stunning spatial effects in a true 3D sound space. Remaining non-3D channels can be routed to the 'normal' L-R sound system for more routine PA applications.Screen-Shot-2019-07-13-at-12.54.05.pngScreen-Shot-2019-07-13-at-12.54.10.pngScreen-Shot-2019-07-13-at-12.55.28.pngScreen-Shot-2019-07-13-at-12.59.35.png

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Re: X Air Axis (by StrongSoft)

@JohnMilner Actaully, now that I'm looking at it, I'm unclear what I'm looking at.

On the main screen, are the numbered dots the signal source or the location of the speaker?  If it's the signal source, how do you configure the speaker locations?  

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Re: X Air Axis (by StrongSoft)

The numbered dots are the locations of a channel source in the 3D sound space.  The speaker locations depend on what you are trying to acheive.  Have you looked at the help page?  The easiest format if you want true cubic 3D is a cube with a speaker at each corner (8 speakers).  If you only want 2D surround, then a square with a speaker at each corner (4 speakers).  Hope this helps...



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Re: X Air Axis (by StrongSoft)

So John, Paul just made me aware of your app and while i have not used it it screams very cool.  I'm sure your efforts will continue to be amazingly cool.....   I personally think the app Mix Station Pro is very functional, and I actually find it more functional than the manfacture app, mentioning becasue it is Android and your app would be a great side by side addition to that app.  Hope you consider Android at some point.  however the PC version would be also a great add.  Nice work, hopefully it may be able to work in the new Wing series...  You saw my coments on the Pan capability questions to Paul.

Look forward to your future additions, may the time Gods shine on your ability to continue and still pay the bills.