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X32 Need Help with advanced Routing /w Multirack

Hello Community,

first sorry for my bad english, i´m from Austria Smiley Wink

I´ve already spent hours of getting the knowledge and procedure to route the x32 in combination with Multirack for our needs but i need help or tips how to do that the best way.

So the goal is:

We want to Process 16 or if possible 24 Channels from our S32 Stagebox over AES50 to Multirack and back - DONE

The real Challenge now is that i want as example the Drums (Channel 1-8) on a Bus to Mix it together but if possible with the Faders in normal Mode (not Send on Fader) and then send the Bus to Multirack to process it again and back to the X32 Drumbus - then i wanted the Processed Drum Mix Bus (and the Rest of the Channels) to be processed again in Multirack to get a PA Mix Bus which should go to L/R Main.

But we also need the Monitormixing for our 8 Channels (Wedges&InEar) on Stage. (no Problem over Sends on Fader)

So the processing and Signal Chain itself is clear for me but i dont get it how to do the routing the best way for this purpose in X32 and Multirack.

Any Help or Ideas? Does anybody have this Setup or Signal Chain with the X32 already?

Greets Simon


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Re: X32 Need Help with advanced Routing /w Multirack


Yes you could route your Multirack returns to channels 17-24 and mix them to mixbuses 15/16 and send back to Multirack. The final return from Multirack could be brought in on channels 25/26. The problem is that you have now used all the sixteen output channels so you would need to use the Ultranet outputs to route the monitor feeds and final Main LR mix through AES50 to the stage box. 


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Re: X32 Need Help with advanced Routing /w Multirack


I´ve now realized that my sum in the mixbuses go back from Multirack at the inputs 25-30 on the X32 with the routing i now use. So its not processed in the Mixbus directly?

Am i right with this?

So i have to have the faders up from these channels (25-30) and detick the Output on L/R Main on the Mixbuses 9-14. Otherwise i will get 2 Signals.

I can free up one Mixbus for the second inear monitoring if needed (Bus 7-8), its only for reserve. Also i have the Bus 15-16 available for the PA Mix.

With the alternative of Aux ins i dont know how to handle this, the fact is i need the card out 1-16 or 1-24 for the instruments getting processed in Multirack in the first stage.

I would like to process the main out in Multirack because of the complexity of the Plugins i use. I cannot rebuild that all with the internal FX´s provided by the X32.

I´ve attached my new scene file from which i think it could work?

I send the ch 25-30 to Mixbus 15-16, then process it in Multirack and Output it on 31-32 which is then the only Channel Linked with the Main L/R.

Should this work?

Thanks for your help!

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Re: X32 Need Help with advanced Routing /w Multirack


I revised my last post when I realized that you had already reserved mixbuses 15/16 for the final Multirack pass. You should have enough mixbuses. I'll look at your latest scene and add comments...


I think the basic configuration is OK, Simon. You will need to assign mixbuses 15/16 to outputs so they get sent to the Multirack. e.g.


Now to get the monitors and Main LR mix to your S32, stage them on Ultranet:


and then route them to AES50-A 1-16:


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Re: X32 Need Help with advanced Routing /w Multirack


Many many thanks to you!!!! 

Thats exact that routing i wanted, i will test it soon in our Studio to see if it works properly!


Thanks again for your help!!! You´re amazing guys!!