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AliAhmed Contributor - Level 2 yesterday


MPA200BT - linking 2 together

HiIf we were to purchase 2 of these could we link them together.Mic in to input 1 of Speaker 1Speaker 1 output to input 1 of speaker 2Would this work ok?

Alexmar Contributor - Level 1 2019-10-12


Um2. Mic connection

Hello!How to connect two mics to UM2? Is it possible at all?Thank you.Alex

CMEmusic Contributor - Level 2 2019-10-08


Routing X32 ins and outs with SD16

I equipped this venue with an X32 rack that can be controlled via tablet or phone.I am running sound in a gallery that has multiple “rooms” (6) and I have 4 different inputs that need to be routed “at will” to any or all...

JohnSpofford Contributor - Level 1 2019-10-07


Behringer 1500 Watt B615D Static Noise

I have this Speaker that makes " White Noise " Static Noise " When JUST the power Plug is in and The Speaker Turned ON. The Higher the Volume, The worse it gets ! Any Ideas ??    

dhla40 Contributor - Level 2 2019-10-07


IEM Help Needed For X32 Rack

Hi All,New user here. I did a search but didn't find an answer to my situation, so...I have been using my X32 Rack exclusively as an IEM mixer for a few months and it works great. I use it for rehearsals and performances...

ThomasThielen Contributor - Level 2 2019-10-07


X32 Rack plus 3 SD8

Hi everyone,I m new to the X32 world, and I did not find my problem covered. If I overlooked something or did not realize that was the solution: Sorry!I am using X32Edit, X32Rack and 3 SD8 (1 at aes50-a, 2 at aes50-b in ...

micdim Contributor - Level 3 2019-10-05


MR -18 channel 1 - Kick only right side

Hi everyone,i have our drummers kick on ch 1, it’s coming out Center on everyone’s mix except our drummers Bus 3/4 stereo mix. His kick is coming out only on the right side of his mix. All his other channels are coming o...

dario80 Contributor - Level 1 2019-10-03


System Turbosound

Can you tell me what is the best turbosound system, in terms of sound quality?TPS vs iQ vs Nuq?I just bought a Nuq system. 2 152-An and 2 sub 115b-an. But I still haven't had a chance to try them.

micdim Contributor - Level 3 2019-10-03


M Air App - Saving the whole BUS MIX

Is there anyway to save someone’s Stereo Bus Mix, which includes saving and recalling the following...Bus 1 & 2 linked for stereo coming out of Aux 1 & 2. Master Bus Fader including Bus Input, EQ, Comp, etc....

paul_whitehurst Contributor - Level 2 2019-10-02


Behringer NU3000DSP protect mode

My amp powered off. I replaced the fuse. No sound. I think it's in protect mode. The display lights. The light rings around the volume knobs are lit. When I turn the power on the fan runs for one second and shuts down.Is...