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changareth Contributor - Level 1 2020-03-29


P16M wont switch on :( need help!

I dunno why my P16M suddenly stopped working yesterday. It wont start up. Every time I press the power on button it makes this high pitch sound but nothing turns on. I have a video of it here on that high pitch sound. I ...

TONKLA Contributor - Level 1 2020-02-19


A defect on Brand new Subwoofer NEKKST K6

I bought a pair of Nekkst K6 (Brand new) and found that 1 piece has two defection spot on a subwoofer.Could I claim this piece of speaker with a Distributor in my country ?

ssamedia Contributor - Level 1 2020-02-05


AMP800 power supply

I have an AMP800 headphone amp trying to order original power supply can't find anyone ever have to replace before? If so was it a generic vs original?

marianorusso Contributor - Level 1 2019-11-22


need RMA code in warranty

I need to activate warranty support (as required by your Support Request Response (Case: 01.032.712)   communicating: • current postal address (including City / Postcode / Country) via gabriele jannelli 23 8012...

SinisterDamned Contributor - Level 1 2019-10-23


Studio 50USB

I have a pair of studio 50 usb monitors. They are out of warranty the shop said. I want to know where I can buy the circuit board for it so to replace on my own to save a few $$$. Yes, I'm cheap. Photo attached from the ...

gtcode Contributor - Level 2 2019-09-25


Mounting P16-M to high hat stand

Hi, I haven't bought a P16-m yet. Will the bracket P16-mb allow the P16-m to be mounted to a high hat stand with the unit facing the drummer at a reasonable angle? Also I looked online but wasn't able to find any in...