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X-Air App Crashing today - help?

Equipment: XR12 . Ehternet
Went into windows to start a recording session, opened up the  X-Air Edit app, went into start a new snapshot, loaded up one from our list used a while ago, to start up a fresh session. and for a second or so I went to grab my coffee behind me and turn back around and the app was gone off the desktop. I went to fire it back up thinking maybe I closed it by accedent, so I went to load it again, dubble clicked the icon, and it closed before I could see anything, tried it again, same thing. grabed my ipad, switched to "Access Point" - went right in. everything looked I went and did "initialize mixer" to see if i can kick start the app back to working. turned it back to Ethernet after restarting the mixer..went to windows and clicked app to start and..nothing..same behavior. closed before anything showed on the screen. 

ok so..i have a linux manjaro box on the same system..went into that, used the app for linux and it fired right up@_@ ..
went to snapshots and clicked the same template to start a session as we did before..(used this a few times before to start sessions). so the app closed down in linux too.. and i couldnt restart it just like in windows.

went and downloaded the app again for linux and windows...treid fresh apps on both. same crash..
pushed the pin to rest the XR12 for 2 seconds...and for 10, as mentioned int the manual..
windows and linux apps dont load..
but im able to load in with "Access Point" using my ipad.
what in the hell is going on?
anyone can help?


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Re: X-Air App Crashing today - help?

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odd thing is ..i used to be able to open the app when the mixer was off too.. not able to even start it when its off linux and windwos

Re: X-Air App Crashing today - help?

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I went and enabled view of hidden files in my Linux box, and found a folder with X-Air stuff. Deleted all the files, and NOW the App works again for Linux!!
going now to hunt for the folder inside of windows.

Re: X-Air App Crashing today - help?

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Ok found a fix!
Windows 10  (replace "folder" for your own user name for that folder)


I deleted all files here
restarted App

all fixed Smiley Wink

Re: X-Air App Crashing today - help?

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Hi @alienbee , welcome to the community.


As you have discovered, it is possible for a bad setting in X-AIREdit.init to cause XAir Edit to crash - even when used offline. It is interesting that your Linux system caught the same problem. That suggests it must have been triggered by something in the XR12 settings. Perhaps the snapshot you loaded has got corrupted and should be deleted or replaced.


Thanks for sharing your solution.


Re: X-Air App Crashing today - help?

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np, glad to help Smiley Wink 
im with you on that idia the snapshot was not up to doing the job, fired the session template and replaced it . took all day to find a solution for that. told singer to go home and here we are going to try again today Smiley Wink

great little mixer glad its not broken for good..
thanks for reply and comments.