Rack Mixers

EllisLampman Contributor - Level 3 yesterday


Effects not controlled in monitors

How do I get the effects to go down with channel slider as it does with main LR? I drop the volume on a vocal channel in a monitor buss and I hear all of the wet signal. ThanksE

JohnGaia Contributor - Level 2 yesterday


XR18 Mic Gain problem

I bought an XR18 two weeks ago and set my first gig with no problem, all the preamps were working fine but last week I noticed that I had to push up the Mic Gain to +60 on my Talk Back channel to get a good input level (...

bpd138 Contributor - Level 1 2019-08-19


XR18 and Behringer SD8

Hello,Just a quick question; Will the Behringer SD8 work with the XR18 mixer?Thanks in advance for any info,Willie

Nice758 Contributor - Level 2 2019-08-17


X32 Rack And X LIVE CARD

Hey guys why do I have to always eject and re insert the SD card in my X live card to allow it to record after turning on my X32 rack ?

bcrooms Contributor - Level 2 2019-08-07


XR18 USB playback of multitracks from Presonus Studio One 4

I know there are similar threads on here about USB playback, but I don't believe I've come across one addresing what I am looking to do if its possible at all.I am able to playback a stereo return from my DAW (Presonus S...

Ktmckay Contributor - Level 1 2019-08-05


X Air X18

I purchased the X Air X18. I am having issues with the effects not enabling to the channels. Anyone have a solution or trouble shooting process? 

AlbertMitchell Contributor - Level 2 2019-07-31


Behringer Phone number?

Anyone know if there's a phone number to call or email address for warranty support at Behringer? I submitted a warranty claim several days ago. I immediately got an email with a ticket number, but there's been no f...

AlbertMitchell Contributor - Level 2 2019-07-28


Anyone tried DBB Audio Presets?

Just curious if anyone here has tried the presets DBB Audio is selling ($47). If so, how do they compare to the ones compiled by the community here?

AlbertMitchell Contributor - Level 2 2019-07-27


XR18 One channel weak input

I've got an XR18. Had it for almost exactly 2 years. I don't gig much, so maybe used it a dozen times.The input on channel 7 is suddenly really weak. I've tried the 1/4" and XLR with the same result. It's weak and super ...

pianopop9 Contributor - Level 2 2019-07-25


X Air

Can anyone tell me what scene the X Air loads by default on startup? I cannot figure it out no matter what I try. Is it the last file loaded? Does it do its own auto saves periodically? I'm stumped.