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Adding S32 to our X32 Main console. Routing ???

Hey All,

New here. Please go easy on me. We are currently between sound people at the moment at my church and I am trying to get caught up to speed on our Behringer x32 soundboard. I have decent working knowledge of common sounds adjustments at the board. However, this is still very unfamiliar territory to someone who’s always had an instrument in hand, but never a scribble strip.

To make matters slightly more complicated, we are planning a sound upgrade this weekend, which will include stage re-wiring and physical reroute to a Behringer S32 digital snake. Utilizing the AES50 and S32 to handle all the I/O physical connections. I have the requisite knowledge on the physical connections for all this work, but can’t say the same for the digital routing/mapping of the channels at the board. This is where my questions come...

I understand that with the AES50 connection, I simply need to reroute signals from X32 local routing to AES50, which is easy enough. My confusion lies with configuring the outputs of the s32, specifically the setting of proper Tap points for monitors, for mains. Also confused with setting/assigning buses, groups, etc. I’m not sure our current settings were ever properly setup? And I think after the reroute, what we have saved might need to be reconfigured?

The S32 will be located off-stage and will now manage all in/out connections, with AES50 being only connection going to FOH. Need help understanding assigning outputs to feed our Mains (L/R), Subwoofer, Passive monitors (2 separate amps – 4 separate mixes). Also assigning proper taps for each component. Can anyone walk me through this?

With the ‘learn on the fly’ nature of our current circumstances, I’ve been trying to utilize youtube to gain understanding. Yet I still feel very confused with the proper assigning of these outputs with an S32, and how to set this up at our X32.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Adding S32 to our X32 Main console. Routing ???

thanks ... but how can I manage mixbus if output from 9-16 have an asterisk ??
Before purchasing S32 I used 7-8 for L-R but now I will like to use 15-16 ... and so on ...

Gary Higgins;151896 wrote:
Simone, the XLR out menu deals ONLY with the physical XLR's on the producer itself (only has 8). The AES50a outputs menu covers any outputs of your connected S32.

6th tab over on your first jpeg
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Re: Adding S32 to our X32 Main console. Routing ???

Don’t worry about the asterisk it only indicates the Producer does not have physical outputs 9-16. In your outputs routing menu just assign what you want for each out. Then assign, for the aes50a out 1-8 section, either “out 1-8” or “out 9-16” depending on what order you want your S32 outputs to be in. I believe default is set for the first 8, then aes50a out 9-16 is set for “out 9-16” but you can set them as you please.