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DM32 driver issues

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2 out of 3 of my computers have the same issue: I must let the computer boot up completely before powering us the M32 console, if I don't, the computer/sound unit page/ recording software, never sees the M32 as being available, (there at all). Half the time this startup process works, the other half of the time it doesn't. When it doesn't see the driver, the PC system page/Devices, says that it cannot load the DN32 driver because another instance is still running in the background-code 38. (even after powering down the computer) so i have to reinstall the v4.11 driver again. usually TWICE before the computer accepts it.
(by the way, One of my computers never has this issue, works EVERY TIME, weird) Does anyone know what is up with this problem. This can be very stressful during a setup for an event, trust me.
Thanks, Guy Bugg
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