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Daisy Chain 2 x DL16

Contributor - Level 1

I'm using 2 x D16 daisy chained for a M32R. Almost every night the second DL16 loses contact .. I unplug / plug the daisy chained Ethernet cable and it connects again. From there it's been fine the night out..

It's a bit scary procedure to wait for this to happen .. I haven't checked what firmware loaded yet .. anyone out there with the same problem?


Re: Daisy Chain 2 x DL16

Super Contributor - Level 2
I would check for firmware updates on the DL16’s first and update if needed...cables are properly shielded with ethercons? Even if the answer is yes, I might try swapping out the cable between the 2 stageboxes as it could be faulty. Also the desk firmware should be current.
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