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History of firmware updates

We have an x32 that has not had a firmware update in a while. I have a desire to hook to it with x32Edit but know the firmware is too old. Is there a list of the history of firmware updates along with the features they provide?
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History of firmware updates

We have an x32 that has not had a firmware update in a while. I have a desire to hook to it with x32Edit but know the firmware is too old. Is there a list of the history of firmware updates along with the features they provide?

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Re: History of firmware updates

David Latil;142839 wrote:
We have an x32 that has not had a firmware update in a while. I have a desire to hook to it with x32Edit but know the firmware is too old. Is there a list of the history of firmware updates along with the features they provide?

2.4-2.8 and 3.0-3.8
There were others but you can follow a lot of changes, this not complete...

Version 2.04 (25 April 2014) Note that V 2.04 is required for using the new X32-Edit 2.0 on PC/Mac/Linux computers and for the X32-Mix 2.2 on Apple iPads (iOS 6 or 7).
Improvements • Fix for prev/next buttons (decrement) and GO led • Disable midi remote encoder/button when remote is disabled • Fix for showfi le import(snippet_idx off set) • New import/export buttons for scenes and snippets • Improved OSC server features • Screen fl icker during scene loading fi xed New Features • New Mix parameter in channel compressor pages allows for parallel (New York~) compression in every channel or bus • Actual RTA source displayed on screen • Transmission of RTA meter data over OSC
Version 2.02 (12 March 2014)
Improvements • Aux/FX Return sends to subgroup fi xed • Output routing tap selector fi xed • Dry switch on dimensional chorus • To end all SOF discussions: hold sends on fader button (> 1s) to stop blinking • Stereo delay mono feed diagram corrected • Preamp remote control issue with diff erently linked channels fi xed • X32 CORE scene recall and show import fi xed • Snippets fi xed (problem with 1st data line) • USB recorder assign key ‘PREV’ fi xed
New Features • Assignable controls can be accessed on X32 RACK by pressing MUTEGRP & UTILITY simultaneously • MIDI control of mute groups (CC #80..85 on channel 2 [B1 50 xx..B1 55 xx]) • MIDI snippet recall ([C1 xx]) • MIDI cue recall ([C2 xx] 0..127, [C3 xx] 128..255, [C4 xx] 256..383, [C5 xx] 384..499) • Cue and snippet recall on assignable buttons (including name display on small lcds and assign home screen) • M/C bus can be used as eff ect send bus (FX 1..4)

Version 2.08 (18th September 2014)
X32 Firmware Update The X32 Firmware V 2.08 Update adds performance enhancements to the award-winning X32 operating system. This new version adds support for KLARK TEKNIK DN32 option cards, as well as head-amp remote control for DL16, DL25x and DL15x MIDAS PRO series fi xed format I/O boxes. This update also improves the synchronization stability for AES50 devices while the console is clocked externally via ADAT / Wordclock / MADI. MIDAS is constantly adding new features and making enhancements to this extremely stable operating system, so that you always experience the best possible performance from your X32. Check out for updates regularly.
NOTE: It is recommended that you backup all data (export Show and Libraries to USB) before updating, as a fi rmware upgrade may erase data currently stored on your X32. Please be aware that V 2.08 works best on PC / Mac / Linux computers with X32-Edit 2.3 in wired networks, and with X32-Mix 2.2 on Apple iPads (iOS 6 or 7) for wireless networking.
Enhancements • Editor communication bug fi xed when changing fx type • XLR out assignments added to Routing Snippet • Ultranet P16 and aes/ebu output assignments added to Output Patch Snippet • AES50 device synchronization stability improved, jitter when syncing to external ADAT/Word Clock/MADI sources reduced • Resilience against rare and sporadic issues improved: – noise when switching between specifc FX combinations removed – sporadic click at end of USB playback removed – reboot with excessive, too complex OSC subscriptions fi xed – sporadic loss of meter information (osc clients) fi xed; osc server version 2.05 New features • Support for DN32-MADI, DN32-DANTE, DN32-ADAT • Control support for MIDAS DL16, DL15x and DL25x fi xed format stage box series • TURBOSOUND iQ speaker series control via stage box P16 port

3.08 (2017-11-09):
- Midas IO boxes (DL15x, DL25x) now correctly detected when multiple remote clients are connected
- fader accuracy in send on fader mode improved
- performance of automix function improved (with very low input signals)
- ADAT and MADI card sync light flicker fixed
- support for X-WSG and X-LIVE implemented
- fader board firmware update disabled (replaced by standalone updater)
3.07 (2016-09-30):
- x-touch channel color and name update problem corrected
- x-touch assigning mute groups fixed
- labels on snippet page corrected (console scope)
- fader tolerance issue with some M series consoles fixed
3.04 (2016-08-24):
- PREV cue button function fixed
- gate and dyn module gain graphs always show active gain curve (in grey when module is not active)
- automix gain reduction meter scaling corrected

3.00 (2016-08-04):
- indication of available outputs on routing page corrected for models with 8 outs
- fixed issue with send mutes when dca bank was selected in sends on fader mode
- compatibility with new editor version
- rearranged screen encoders on sends page for consistency
- show/snippet name redraw issue fixed
- monitor metering point changed (to indicate output clipping)
- channel name/icon no longer copied (odd->even) when link is activated
- -action/clearsolo now also deactivates key solo
new features:
- 8 channel (1..8) automixing with two groups
- phase invert on outputs, aux, aes/ebu, P16
- xover filter types on main and mono/center
- x-touch remote control (MIDI/Ethernet)
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Re: History of firmware updates

Thank you!
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Re: History of firmware updates

also 2.0-2.16

2.16 (2016-02-02)
- fixed DIN midi remote control problem introduced in 2.15

2.15 (2015-11-06)
- channel group assignments synced when fader link option is reselected
- eq gain center led only lights up when gain is exactly 0 dB
- hard mute state shown on meter pages (dark red fader knob)
- eq band reset bug fixed
- screen draw routines significantly accelerated
- ducker attack and release times fixed (were swapped since 2.10)
2.14 (2015-07-16)
- X-USB and DN32-USB were reporting wrong sample rate after changing sample rate without reboot
2.13 (2015-07-06)
- fixed an issue where iQ speaker settings were not recalled correctly when linked
- iQ setup now also accessible via layer buttons
- fixed an issue where inserts were not activated when usb was very busy during startup
- correct preamp indication on DL152..DL155, output SRC disabled on DL155
- fixed an issue where midi messages were duplicated when assigned to more than one assignable
button/encoder simultaneously
2.12 (2015-06-01)
- HUI level meters and LCD fixed
- DHCP menu on X32CORE fixed
- fixed rare issue where aes50 slave mode won't sync
- iQ speaker settings moved to /outputs/p16 path
new features:
- iQ speaker link function
2.11 (2015-04-09)
- load show file in X32CORE fixed (snippet offset)
- fader motor issues on M32/M32R (minimum position) fixed
- exclude hidden and system files from usb file list
- correct indication of 0 dB fader position
- scene GO and UNDO leds fixed
- DHCP can be selected on X32CORE
- bus AFL solo correctly uses pan when bus is routed to LR
new features:
- support for M32C, S32, DL32, DL231
2.10 (2014-11-20)
- screen flicker when switching between pages with overlay graphics removed
- improved clock stability in Dante slave mode
new features:
- rta detector selection (rms/peak), peak hold, and adjustable decay time
- gate section: expander with adjustable range
- compressor section: compressor/expander with auto mode
2.09 (2014-10-23)
- fixed issue where usb drives were not recognized when connected during power-on
- setup/global and setup/config screens rearranged
- sample rate can now be changed without reboot
- issue with mute menu on scenes/home screen fixed
- some redraw issues related to mute menu fixed
new features:
- safe shutdown (incl. usb recorder shutdown), console reboot, firmware update, factory reset added to setup
- selectable 12h (am/pm) and 24h clock mode
- new options: hard mute groups, dcas as mute groups, invert mute leds (for broadcast use)
2.08 (2014-09-12)
- Xedit bug fixed when changing fx type
- xlr out routing added to routing snippet
- p16 and aes/ebu routing added to out patch snippet
- jitter when syncing to adat/word clock/madi reduced
- sporadic noise when switching between special combinations of fx types removed
- sporadic click at end of usb playback removed
- sporadic reboot when using too complex osc subscriptions (old X32-mix on iPad 1) fixed
- sporadic loss of meter information (osc clients) fixed; osc server version 2.05
new features:
- support for DN32-MADI, DN32-DANTE, DN32-ADAT
- support for DL15X and DL25X stage box series
- iQ control via stage box P16 port (requires fw >= 2.0 on S16/DL16)
2.07 (2014-06-26)
new features:
- support for DL16
- M32 support
2.06 (2014-06-16)
- cue delete fixed
- dante card playback gain fixed
- 'use rta source' for geq fixed
2.05 (2014-05-27)
- fixed incorrect power-on channel mute state when assigned to mute groups
- fixed issues with right fader bank when in geq on faders or remote mode
- fixed dyn key meter on M/C channel
- osc server updates to support fast sync mode w/ X32Edit
- tap function improved
new features:
2.04 (2014-04-23)
- minor graphics and parameter name fixes
new features:
2.03 (2014-04-11)
- acceleration for user assignable rotaries on assign home page
- screen flicker and delay fixed when loading cues/scenes/snippets
- scene management improvements and fixes
- remote encoders on assign home page now correctly send out midi messages
- osc server enhancements for X32edit 2.x
new features:
- mix control on compressors (parallel compression option)
2.02 (2014-03-11)
- aux/fxrtn sends to subgroup fixed
- output routing tap selector fixed
- dry switch on dimensional chorus
- to end all these discussions: hold sends on fader button (> 1s) to stop blinking
- stereo delay mono feed diagram corrected
- preamp remote control issue with linked channels fixed
- X32CORE scene recall and show import fixed
- snippets fixed (problem with 1st data line)
- usb recorder assign key 'PREV' fixed
- GO button led fixed
new features:
- assignable controls can be accessed on X32RACK by pressing MUTEGRP & UTILITY simultaneously
- midi control of mute groups (CC #80..85 on channel 2 [B1 50 xx .. B1 55 xx])
- midi snippet recall ([C1 xx])
- midi cue recall ([C2 xx] 0..127, [C3 xx] 128..255, [C4 xx] 256..383, [C5 xx] 384..499)
- cue and snippet recall on assignable buttons (including name display on small lcds and assign home screen)
- M/C can be used as effect send bus (FX 1..4)
- V1.x scene/show/library conversion
2.01 (2014-01-23)
- dual enhancer fixed
- file version check (show/libs)
2.00 (2014-01-22)
- new eq encoder assignment (main lcd)
- channel icon/name visible on fx inserts (dual mono only)
- console init bus send 1-8 default now post eq instead of pre fader
- faders disabled when locked and remote controlled
- comp threshold range reduced to -60..0 dBFS
- sends on fader button flashing
- relaxed sends on fader function (automatically deactivated only by pressing DCA button)
- improved indication of sends on fader signal flow on small displays
- stagebox lock moved to setup/preamp page
- increased parameter resolution on rackamp
- increased sensitivity on deesser
- gain reduction meter on precision limiter
new features:
- eq on fx return channels
- expander mode (1:2, 1:3, 1:4) in gate section
- 100 band rta/spectrograph (on meter page and as overlay on eq and geq screens)
- user assign rotaries available on assign home page (for producer/compact)
- console lock on HOME button (2.5s), doubles as safe shutdown
- individual eq band reset (w/ undo)
- dca level meters (max post fader level of assigned channels)
- additional pre gate tap for bus sends
- additional post gate tap for outputs
- output routing w/ optional muting (e.g. mute P16 feeds w/ channel mutes)
- smart handling of send levels when changing bus mode
- gate / comp key signal level indication
- additional lcd color modes (inverted display)
- xlr outputs added to routing matrix (e.g. foh passthru)
- sends on fader for mono/center bus and matrices (bidirectional)
- fader extend mode (input channels on bus faders); press two bank select buttons simultaneously (Producer and Compact only)
- gain split mode for foh/mon; ha gains can only be set on setup/preamp page, channels have trim only
- gain remote option; allows console gains to be remote controlled by another console (e.g. use X32RACK as stagebox)
- when pushing the effects button or selecting a channel while on any fx page, the corresponding fx and layer is
automatically selected when used as insert on selected channel or as send effect on selected bus
- jump to page user function optionally includes fx layer
- midi control of channel level, mute, and pan
- freeze function on vintage room
- lots of new effects
- new scene management (cues/scenes/snippets)
- faster boot time and smaller update file size
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Re: History of firmware updates

Thanks for summing up !
Still, some firmware functions are not included in X32-Edit v3...
- when pushing the effects button or selecting a channel while on any fx page, the corresponding fx and layer is
automatically selected when used as insert on selected channel or as send effect on selected bus

and as I reported
- in the channel tab view the EQ display doesn't update the EQ changes made on a controller

The Behringer developers could actually test against
'how many clicks are needed for a task' and comparing the older
X32-Edit v2.5 against the newer v3.x.
Core users ( also M32-Core ) will be thankful for every additional click removed

I for one say thank you for every improvement

Best regards

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Re: History of firmware updates

1.01-1.15 (if anyone cares)

1.15 (2013-07-09)

New Features: • TRS Aux Input signals can now be transmitted via Card Out, AES50A Out and AES50B Out directly, without the need for assigning them to the DSP processing blocks first. The additional option is "AuxIn 1-6 / TB" carrying the physical auxiliary input signals 1-6 and the talkback signals A and B. • Aux Input Routing improved > The Aux Inputs signals can now be selected in blocks of 2, 4 or 6 Inputs, choosing from these options:

fw 1.14 fw 1.15 AUX IN 1-4 AUX INPUTS LOCAL IN 1-4 LOCAL IN 1-2 AES50A 1-4 LOCAL IN 1-4 AES50B 1-4 LOCAL IN 1-6 CARD 1-4 AES50A 1-2 AES50A 1-4 AES50A 1-6 AES50B 1-2 AES50B 1-4 AES50B 1-6 CARD 1-2 CARD 1-4 CARD 1-6

Note: The (remaining) Aux Input channels will be fed from the physical Aux Inputs 1-6 if not specified otherwise.

Improvements: • X32 RACK now can directly access channel name/icon editing by holding the SELECT encoder down, while pressing the Utility button. • X32 CORE can be initialized by holding the SELECT encoder depressed while switching on • New 'Safe Shutdown' function for X32 CORE, by holding the USB button depressed while in SETUP menu • New console server routines improving USB Recorder performance • Server improved for X32-Edit 1.2 MCU remote control functions • 'Select follows Solo' function only selects a channel when solo is activated, not when deactivated • channel icon and name now copied when activating a channel link

1.14 (2013-06-12) New Features: • Channel Fader Auto Select option – allows selecting channels by simply touching the channel fader • New User Assignable Control Features: - fader of the selected channel can be controlled by a user-assignable encoder - tape (USB recorder) control can be assigned to user-assignable buttons • New X-USB expansion card for 32 x32 channel I/O via USB 2.0 supported

Improvements: • Large indication of selected channel number on main LCD when no channel icon is set • EQ section lo-cut/hi-cut LEDs now also indicate crossover filter types • Headamp settings are copied when linking channels (with global link preference 'Delay+HA' on) • S16 stage box gains can be pre-set, even when no stage box is connected (setup/preamps page) • Extended range for digital trim now +/-18 dB

1.13 (2013-02-18) Improvements: • New OSC server functions (osc-server V0.90) • Mackie Control Universal support improved (i.e. for Cakewalk SONAR) • New user assignable controls for faders, dca and mutegroups • Insert-'source' text for fx 1..4 indicating where the effect is inserted • Corrected scene parameter safes for Preamp and Delay • Improved redraw function for scene load • Corrected indication of channel send fader position on home screen • Firmware required for XControl remote control software version 1.01 and later

1.12 (2013-01-17) Improvements: • Encoder acceleration improved • Channel AFL Solo now always post insert • Sends On Fader related freeze fixed

New Features: • Full support for all new X32 models

1.10 (2012-11-29) Improvements: • Bus AFL solo now always post insert • Talkback gain reduced (previous default setting was too high) • Handling of fader move events while switching fader assignment fixed • Sporadic noise when changing insert position removed • User assignable buttons now correctly return to previous banks when used for sends on faders

New Features: • Direct control of all mic preamps independent from their channel assignment to allow inline recording mode and live card inserts: - route local or AES50 inputs to card, - route card returns to console input channels - set preamp gain (2.5 dB steps) on new preamp setup page, - adjust digital trim +/-12 dB on console 'tape return' channels • 2 new Dual-band DeEsser Effects (dual-mono, stereo) with M/S processing option (can be used as insert or side-chain processes) • The user assignable buttons can now be (re-)assigned to JUMP function regardless of previous function (by holding one of the SET buttons) • Matrix buses have some new features that enable them to be used in simple speaker processing applications: - phase inverter switchable in config/preamp section - signal tap (pre/post EQ, pre/post fader) from bus sends to matrix can be selected now - EQ bands LOW and HIGH now can be switched to crossover filter types (butterworth, bessel, linkwitzriley up to 24dB/oct). Note: The crossover filter types use up the intermediate bands LOW2 and HIGH2 respectively when activated.

New features with GEQ-On-Fader function (reset all, jump in blocks of 8) • On request for theatre productions−the scene parameter safes for mute and fader/pan in input and bus channels, can now be set independently • The meter screens for input channels, mix buses and aux/FX now show the channel's mute status

Notes: • Due to additional scenes parameters (matrix bus options: signal tap, x-over filter in EQ and phase reverse) all scenes that use matrix buses should be checked, because previously created scenes do not contain these additional parameters yet. In order to make old scenes consistent with Firmware 1.10 it is recommended to initialize the console, then load and immediately save back each scene.

1.09 (2012-09-27) Improvements: • When 'safe main level' and 'M/C depends on Main L/R' are activated, M/C level is no longer set to -∞ on powerup • User defined buttons now correctly return to previous page when used as channel select • 'Pre' leds now correctly work when auxes or fx returns are selected • Player now plays non-canonical wave files with no artifacts at the end • Recorder automatically restarts with new file when size limit (2GB) is exceeded • DCA solo now also includes channels that are not routed to main L/R (e.g. to group buses) • Erratic behaviour of ch 1 input delay and Matrix 6 insert fixedv

New Features: • Current settings (i.e. single scene) can now directly be saved (to the usb drive) • FX utilities include algorithm (FX type) selection • OSC server updated to 0.7 (to support XiControl update) • Signal flow diagrams dynamically updated when changing dyn/insert position

1.08 (2012-08-31) Improvements: • Ambience FX redraw issue fixed • USB Player/Recorder no longer drops last block • Freeze when using channel library after assigning ‘- Param 64 -’ to any assignable controller fixed • Pre/Post indication on channel home screen updated

New Features: • Sends On Fader on a specific channel or bus can be assigned to user assignable buttons within the ASSIGN section • Scenes can be assigned to user assignable buttons in the ASSIGN section • Holding down a select button and pressing UTILITY now directly accesses the naming screen • Solo option ‘Dim PFL’ allows to apply DIM to PFL sources (to align levels when using as monitor console)

1.07 (2012-08-22) Improvements: • Sporadic freeze when using presets/scenes with long names (> 15 characters) fixed

1.06 (2012-08-21) Improvements: • Freeze when using library FX load with confirmation disabled fixed • Thump noise when using master GEQ and loading tremolo/pan into any other FX slot removed • Main bus afl solo fixed • Non-ASCII characters in filenames (on USB thumb drive) are now ignored so that these files can be selected for play (though it is recommended to use ascii characters only) • After song has been played (in single mode), player returns to stop mode • High EQ in tube stage FX fixed • Dyn key source parameter now correctly disabled on matrix and main channels

1.05 (2012-08-06) Improvements: • Channel link fixed when used with remote control

New Features: • DAW remote control level meter support

1.04 (2012-07-30) Improvements: • Pre/Post send indication on home page fixed (PRE was indicated with the wrong icon) • Send section update issues fixed on home page when using eth remote control • Channel sends not fully updated when changing send type from/to GROUP • Initialize console now sets pans on AUX7/8 to hard left/right • OSC server crashed when path not found – fixed

New Features: • Undo button also available on Scenes/Home screen • Hold UTILITY button to initialize console during boot • OSC server updated to 0.60 (to support pc remote release)

1.03 (2012-07-11) Improvements: • Rotary effect bug fixed • Media full now correctly recognized during file write

New Features: • User section now supports midi events • User section now supports DAW remote control functions • MIDI over aes50 for S16 (user section midi and scene midi) • Selected channel and fader clip LEDs indicate (analog) input clip even with negative trim values

1.02 (2012-06-19) Improvements: • Unit now correctly syncs on AES50 port B @ 44K1 on startup • Correct enumeration of remote controllable preamps (i.e. S16 port B) • Sporadic sync problem (AES50 slave clock phase) on startup fixed • Scan rate of small lcds changed to avoid flickering

New Features: • New lock screen • Console init sets gate threshold to -80dBFS and range to 60dB now

1.01 (2012-06-01) Improvements: • Increased compatibility with slow starting thumb drives
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Re: History of firmware updates

Well done Gary for collecting all the disparate info into one place. Smiley Happy I think that this should be added to the Wiki.
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Re: History of firmware updates

Amazed that it's been almost 6 years since 1.01, a long and pleasant journey. Bad news is my full X32 is well out of warranty-good news inside the bad-it still works flawlessly!
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Re: History of firmware updates

Gary Higgins;142876 wrote:
Amazed that it's been almost 6 years since 1.01, a long and pleasant journey. Bad news is my full X32 is well out of warranty-good news inside the bad-it still works flawlessly!

Hey Gary,

Always remember that the X32 Rack comes with a lifetime warranty on all faders. I personally have yet to replace a single fader on my X32 Rack, and in fact, I haven't ever even heard of anyone who had to! By that measure, the X32 Rack has the best built faders in the industry Smiley Wink