MS101 - MIDI options & sequencer syncing late with MIDI clock

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Hi - just got my MS101. Sounds great, and I managed to update the firmware after trying three different computers (eventually worked on a PC with Windows 7).


However there are still a couple of things:


1. How do you set the Midi channel on the MS101? Also how do you switch sync to Midi clock on and off? The manual had nothing on this.


2. The MS101 internal sequencer isn't syncing via MIDI clock in time - it's slightly late, which sounds bad when making music. Using normal MIDI notes from my sequencer is fine and on time, but the MS101 sequencer is late. Are Behringer/other users aware of this issue?


Issue 2 is a dealbreaker for me - if there isn't a fix soon, I'll unfortunately have to return it to the shop.


Thanks for the help,