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Media Player playback options?

Anyone have a suggestion for a media player for Windows pc with the ability to have a playlist ready but only one song plays and then stops until you cue up the next song you want?
There are times where I'll have several people or groups performing in succession, some with backing tracks, some playing instruments. I've downloaded 6 different media players today, made a 3 song playlist and went through every option in each programs preferences and have not found one that allows me to cue up and play 1 song at a time without automatically starting the next song in the playlist. I used Soundforge in the past as my media player to accomplish this and it works great, but it's not an option at this venue right now.
I'm sure my old brain decided to take some time off and I can't seem to find a solution, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Side note: This is the fourth venue I've installed the X32 in over the past 3 years, (2 full size, 2 compacts), worked with an older analog mackie for a year at this current location and it gave up the ghost a month ago, so in came a new x32 compact . Also had the opportunity to use a 16.4.2ai at another venue the last couple of weeks, beginning to figure out the workflow differences with it, sounds good, does the job but the x32 line is a little more enjoyable to use for me.

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Re: Media Player playback options?

Howard Brown;157722 wrote:
That could be a good option for me if I do an install at a permanent location...

Mine's portable. I've done two so far, and they both sit in rack-mount trays next to the XR18. One is behind a custom line-out panel so it actually takes zero extra space on the face of the rack.

I want to do that with an X32 Rack or (preferably) Core if I can get one, but it hasn't happened yet.