Midas M32r / Two DL151 stage boxes / Klark Teknik DNS9650 with Dante card. Thoughts?

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Hi folks,
I am trying to configure a remote record rig that syncs to black burst. This is about the cheapest thing I can put together that will have video sync capabilities, 48 channels at 48k recording. I know the DL151s will have to be set to 48k not 96 or maybe not as the DNS9650 is supposed to be able convert sample rates on the fly but not sure about that.
Config as far as I think it should be as follows:

M32r AES50 port A to DNS9650 Port 1. (for remote controlling mic pres. I don't care that I can't have all channels coming into the board at once as I am only using it to control the mic pres.)
DL151 box 1 Port 1 to DNS9650 port 2
DL151 box 2 Part 1 to DNS9650 Port 3
Dante card connected to macbookpro for recording 48tracks or to a switch for redundant recording and monitoring thru the DAW with a REDNET AM2.

Thoughts? Will this work? Again the main point of this rig is to multitrack while synced to black burst via the 9650 as the master clock for all connected.

Also I saw that the 48 input DL251, not sure about the DL151, is possibly controllable as a stand alone unit with the Snake Control app which would be interesting then I would not need a console at all, but not sure if that's true....
I don't need all the outputs and prefer the smaller size of the DL151s.
I would most likely also add a Rednet AM2 to monitor all channels via the dante network.

This seems to be the cheapest rig possible.
$2400 for two DL151 48 Midas pro pres
$2200 for the 9650 with Dante card, (there is also the 200 dollar KT-USB AES50 to USB which gives you 48 channels so that may be easier than dante but limits your track count to 48.)
M32r cost me 1800.00.

Of course there are the Joe Co blue box recorders with 24 mic pre but that comes close to 10G but is very compact setup not sure how the mic pres sound.
I have used a Pro Tools HD rig with sync io 3 HD ios, Native thunderbolt in the past, but its an expensive rig over 20G with 6 Midas XL48 mic pres and weighs in over 250 pounds. I have also been using a REDNET to Pro Tools rig with sync hd but just the mic pres were almost 20G.
There is also the great sounding Horus but that will run around 20G as well when fully populated.
M32r, Pro Tools, DL32.