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MixBus 5!

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Now that I finally have this DAW talking to my XR18, I gotta say, this thing is gorgeous! Love the feel, the look, and the sound... It's exactly like you expect a high end mixer to look/feel.. and the editor even makes sense...

It's all very intuitive, and I love that I don't have to continually right click or mouse through menus to do simple stuff like set the trim or assign a channel to a bus... Love that the dynamics are right there with the fader on the channel strip...

Been going through the manual and trying things out..

Just decided to try out a plug in on a stereo music track.. The 3D triple delay is super lush... So much 'space'... Awesome plug in!

I'm gonna have a lot of fun working with this DAW...

Pretty stoked at what I just scored for $40!

Thanks Harrison!
Now a fan of your DAW..
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