Overdubs with M32c?? Best way, suggestions?

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I’m a complete beginner when it comes to this stuff. I’m a bass player trying to wear two hats

- Hey fellas

First off I’m using Midas stuff, M32c, DL16 stage box etc. I’m trying to do some overdub recording but am kinda lost in what I’m trying to accomplish. I’d like to record bass using a physical XLR input from the DL16, routed to any of the following channels,17-32 in M32 edit/M32c. By doing this I’m thinking I can re-rout channels 17-24 and 25-32 to the card after recording to these channels. This should play back 17-32 from the card/DAW/M32 edit and leave me free to record on channels 1-16 via AES50-A 1-8 and 9-16. That is my thought anyway.

I should basically be able to record on channels 1-16 while playback is happening from channels 17-32?

I’m trying to accomplish some bass scratch tracks for a drummer to track along with. I need the scratch tracks to play back while he is tracking on channels 1 to 11. Figured if I can record bass to channel 17, I can re-route channel 17 to the card after recording so it plays back while the drummer Is tracking on channels 1-11 via AES50-A

Does what I’m wanting to do even make sense to anyone? Lol
I’m I thinking about this right? Is this even possible? I’m not sure on how to re-rout physical XLR inputs to channels 17-32 in M32 edit. Or if it’s even possible. I only have the DL16 with 16 XLR inputs.

Is there a better/correct way of accomplishing this? I’m open to all suggestions and advice.