gratteux Contributor - Level 1 09-18-2018


Radar, Offline Mode and Screenshot improvement


The offline mode is great,
it could be nicer to get the Pro Tools project name as well as the track name and even the date/time so we have more information in the screenshot.

These names (and the date) could also be used as a default file name for the .png (or to define in the preferences with tick boxes)

It's not really important and might not be doable, but it would be cool to add our own logo or type in the studio name to the offline snapshot as there's plenty of space on the right side Smiley Happy

About the radar, is it possible to have a fine time resolution of 1 minute from 1 to 12min? it would be useful for music as most of the songs are in this time duration area.
The offline mode could also adjust more accurately the radar time to the measurement duration.


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