Re: Record with Logic Pro X, P16 IEMs, M32R scene for cycle recording with Logic patches
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Record with Logic Pro X, P16 IEMs, M32R scene for cycle recording with Logic patches

Our group of friends get together for a couple hours each weekend for band practice/jamming.

We want to use our DAW's (Logic Pro X) 'Cycle Record' to do multiple takes of a song. We need our musicians to hear the click track from the DAW in their IEMs (P16s) as well as hear themselves with the Logic patches applied as we record and be able to hear all the tracks playback that aren't currently being recorded at any time in their IEMs and over the PA Speakers.

Anyone willing to impart wisdom on the M32R scene and/or the Logic setup? Certainly lots of folks must do this easily/successfully. I've spent weeks watching YouTube videos and reading tutorials, searching these forums and so far we're not close to our goal. And since I don't know what I don't know...I've tried to be clear (but not too concise) in my descriptions.

Our MIDAS 32R scene was created by watching a YouTube video and my blindly following routing steps (as best as could) by Drew Brashler case study for "Jerry." We had to tinker with the scene to get it to send audio to our PA speakers and then again when we added a DN32-LIVE Expansion Module board. (I certainly did something wrong with the DCAs and/or Matrixs and with the routing set-up.)

Besides not knowing what I don't know, the scene lets us record to Logic, but can't interact back to the board or IEMs (can't send click track, do multiple takes with a cycle, etc.) with Logic during recording.
The two mains-out send the raw inputs from Local 1-16 to the PA.
The scene also sends the raw inputs to the six P16-Ms, so the Logic tracks with patches aren't sent to the P16-Ms.

And the Logic patches aren't sent to our Mains out either.

And we can't replay the Logic takes to the PAs or to the P16-Ms.

We record a song in Logic. Hit pause. Talk to each other. Hit record again. Each take is separate - not cycled - not sharing a click track, etc. So we're not able to use the Cycle Recording feature we need.

At the end of each session, the techie (me) picks the best takes for each song and mixes that song takes with Logic Pro X.

Since our scene is not set correctly for using the Logic Pro X cycle with click tracks, the editing options for a song are limited - not same BPM for each take.)
(We used to be able to do cycle recording when we used our old PreSonus board.)

Klark Teknik DN32-LIVE SD/SDHC and USB 2.0 Expansion Module
1 P16-D hub
6 P16-M
1 HOSA 16 port snake (to be replaced in August by an S32 Digital Snake)
2 TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play Acoustic boxes (for two female vocals and 2 acoustic guitars)
1 2015 MacBook Pro 13 running Mohave 10.14.5
2 iPads
2 ION PA speakers

Logic Pro X 10.4.5
Logic Remote app for iPad
M32-Edit app for iPad

HERE's the MIDAS 32R scene and Logic Pro X setup we'd like to figure out the routing for:

From the 6 musicians:
2 female vocals Heil PR 40 mics (inputs 3 & 4)
4 male vocals SM58 mics (inputs 1 & 2 & 5 & 6)
2 empty inputs (maybe 1 for click track and one for iphone to send song ideas to P16-Ms) (inputs 7 & 8)
2 (L/R) analog out from Roland TD20 drum kit (inputs 9 & 10)
1 Electric Bass from DI (input 11)
2 acoustic guitars (inputs 12 & 13)
1 Lead Guitar out from DI (input 14)
1 Yamaha P121 keyboard w L/R analog out (inputs 15 & 16)
*8 analog out from same Roland TD20 (we think these would come in on the 6 MIDAS aux in along with inputs 9&10?)

into the Hosa analog snake (to be replaced in August by a backordered S32 Digital Snake)

into the MIDAS 32R (1 input to 1 channel for MIDAS pre-amp inputs - * 6 analog from Roland into aux in?)

out to DN32-LIVE card

out to Logic Pro via USB

(here's where we could have the click track, add patches to the channels, use the cycle to record multiple takes, etc.)

back to DN32-LIVE via USB

into MIDAS (which inputs/channels ?)

out to P16 and to PAs

Not sure if we want to (or even should) control Logic from computer and/or from iPad app (Logic Remote) or from MIDAS and/or from iPad app (M32 Edit) though I've been successful connecting those apps to the M32R and to the MacBook's Logic software. That was the only thing I've been able to accomplish easily and successfully.

I've attached the zipped scene as it currently is.

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Re: Record with Logic Pro X, P16 IEMs, M32R scene for cycle recording with Logic patches


I've just loaded the scene to the M32R and I'm studying it to see all the things you've fixed. (Thank you for your expertise and your kindness and especially your patience.)

We have a few friends who will be here this weekend and I want to be ready for them to give it a try.

I'll make sure to follow your directions for tweaking the routing.

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Re: Record with Logic Pro X, P16 IEMs, M32R scene for cycle recording with Logic patches


I uploaded the Webb-K.scn to the M32R and then used the software M32-Edit on my Mac to start studying your routing. I noticed the Channel 23 labeled as MIDI and thought that's where the click track was intended to be.

And using the lowest available numbers for the track in Logic is undoubtably a best practice I should go back to.

After I've had time to figure out all the mistakes I made by seeing how you corrected them, I'll load this second Webb-K2.scn to study too. 

I could adjust my Logic template file to use either the lower track numbers or keep them at the higher numbers.

Hopefully this gets you in the ballpark of what you might want to do. 

Give me a day or two to study? It sure looks like it's the workflow we aspired to. Thank you Dave.