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Route Main to Bus....with solo?

Hi all. 

I am using the X32 for a purely home recording scenario. I have 4 sets of speakers in here that I’d like to have independent control of their levels. 

I can this do with the Bus 1-8, but then I have to do the mix separately for each Bus set. What I really would to do is basically send the Main bus mix to Bus 1-8 so I can then have the exact same mix on each, but be able to control the level going to each speaker set. 

Does anyone know of this is possible?  I tried doing it through the Matrix, and it does work, but I then lose Channel Solo ability. 


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Re: Route Main to Bus....with solo?

Never mind, I just read your comment wrong. 

I tried that but channel Solo does not work like this. 

Thanks anyway. 

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Re: Route Main to Bus....with solo?

So in case anyone else ever tries the same as I did, most unfortunately it can not be done, shy of patching the monitor outs into a channel or aux in and then routing that to the busses. 

A bit of a shame as it can do so much. I understand this is a scenario that would never occur in a live situation, this is really a recording situation limitation. 

But considering how powerful this unit it for home recording it’s a shame with all its routing ability there is no way to achieve this without physically patching it into itself, which isn’t a very attractive option really. Either way, still a great board. 

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Re: Route Main to Bus....with solo?

Can someone please point me to the Feature Request section?  I just can’t seem to find it. I only come across an old topic that used to be for that but it says it’s closed now there is a dedicated area for it. But I can’t seem to find that Smiley Happy

Also, has anyone tried patching the montor outs to an input?

if so did it have a significant effect on the quality of the signal in your opinion? I’m going to give it a shot but it’s hard to believe it’s not going to have a negative effect.  But I really want to make use of the Buses to control the 4 sets of speakers without losing the ability to solo a channel.  This would make the X32 far more useful in the studio. 

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Re: Route Main to Bus....with solo?


The Discover menu at the top of the page has a Suggestions section. I think that's the best we have these days.

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Re: Route Main to Bus....with solo?

Cheers mate