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Suggestions to improve my Band's Scene


My band has five members that include, a drummer, bass guitar, one acoustic/electric rhythm guitar and an electric rhythm guitar, a lead guitar and three vocals.  The bass guitar and the lead guitar play through their own amps however, I'm planning on mic'ing them up for larger venues.  The two rhythm guitars are connected directly to the mixer and play through the PA system.  Our PA system is a Bose L1S1 linear array with a bass sub that is connected to a MIdas MR18 mixer.  We use Senheiser E835 mics for vocals.  Everything in the attached scene is panned to the left for smaller gigs using just one Bose speaker and panned to the center when we do larger gigs with two Bose systems.  I'm not a sound guy but I'm trying very hard to learn the trade, not to make a living at it but more so for my band's sound.  I've attached my band's scene to this message for your review. Basically the band uses channels 1 through 8.  The other channels are just instruments I was experimenting with.

I know, every room, band, gig setting, mics etc are going to be different but I'm guessing that most of you sound guys have your "go to" initial settings when you set up for a new gig.  That being said here's my questions.  Can someone please look at my scene and give me some input on what's right or wrong?  The other thing is; can I get some suggestions on how and what initial settings to use for when I mic the bass and lead guitars?  One last question, if someone has a similar band could you please post your scene so I can compare our settings?  

Thank you in advance for any input and help.



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Re: Suggestions to improve my Band's Scene

@WilliamPanto wrote:

I'm confused about how one would go about adding or removing a particular effect on an individual channel. 

Actually it is opposite to that thinking. Using the SOF (sends on fader) feature (by selecting the FX bus on the right and adjusting the channel faders on the left), you are sending individual channel signals to that bus. That bus feeds the FX engine as a dry signal. The more you increase a particular channel send, the more it is applied to that particular FX.

If I adjust the slider on the FX buss it changes all of the channels? 

That is correct. The FX bus is identical to a monitor bus. If you increase the bus fader, it adjusts the mix level to the FX engine.

If I adjust the slider on the channel it doesn't seem to have much effect. 

That may be because I noticed that you are using more than one FX engine at the same time. So adjusting one channel send to an FX will not be noticeable, since you are also hearing the wet signal of the other FX engines. I usually only use one FX on vocals at any one time. Most of the time I use a plate reverb. Sometimes for ballads, etc. I may use a vintage reverb, but rarely both at the same time (mute one and unmute another).

Also, under the sends tab how and when should I adjust the FX sends?

The Sends tab is just another way of viewing and adjusting the channel sends. Usually lead vocals get less FX (which brings the vocal forward) and backing vocals get more FX (which sends the vocals rear-ward).

As always, Thanls for your help.  Smiley Happy

You are most welcome Willie.


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