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UMC204 HD Won't work! Feel I've tried everything.

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OK, I've had this for maybe a year. It has worked fine. Got a new computer, it won't work fine now. I was getting it to work somewhat, but couldn't hear myself while recording without it crackling, or if it wasn't crackling, it was delaying. I've tried different versions of things. Now, I can't even hear back anything at all and sound is not going into the interface very well. Just some muffled sounds if I move it around a bit. It's set up just like it always was I think.

Here's what I have:

Setup version 4.38 driver installed

I tried to install firmware 1_12 as well, but it just says the DLL required to access the device is missing.

Installing on a windows 10 computer, an MSi. I think maybe this computer has all usb 3.0 ports if that is causing the issue, i don't know.

Please help, would love to record again!

Re: UMC204 HD Won't work! Feel I've tried everything.

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Hi Joshua,

Windows 10 introduced something called 'Privacy' settings which is intended to prevent outsiders from eavesdropping on you through apps and devices. One of the 'Privacy' settings is 'Microphone', and it may affect the functioning of your interface. Give it a look and see if it helps. It could something else as well.
This article describes how to enable the Microphone privacy setting.....
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