UMC404 HD software for recording multi channel

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Does Behringer supply any software for the uphoria UMC404HD?

What software is recommended?



Re: UMC404 HD software for recording multi channel

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HI Mike ( @amb003 ), 


Welcome to the community.   When you register your 404HD with Behringer they will send you a redemption code for Free, OEM version of Tracktion Waveform.  


Also, the software you are looking for is called a Digital Audio Workstation or DAW.  Google "Free DAW' and you'll be on your way.   One bit of advice, and it's just my opinion, but stay away from Audacity.  It's great at being a sound recorder and editor but gets frustrating very quickly when you try to do much more than that. 


I'm a long time Reaper user ( which is cheap but it isn't free. It does have a fully functional 60 day trial period.  The video tutorials on the site as well as ReaperMania on YouTube are done by Kenny Gioia.   


Hope this helps, 




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