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UMC404HD DAW all 4 input channels Windows10

EDIT: I have accepted that this is just impossible with Behringer's updated AISO Drivers and Windows10, so I've decided to revert to the UMC_Driver_v3.29.0_Win7to10, which means I can at least record 4 mono channels using WASAPI in Audacity (newer Behringer drivers preventing 4 mono inputs in WASAPI, as well as causing Windows10 to see the UMC404 as two devices). I'll record 4 channels in Audacity, capturing audio, and then use a DAW to edit and enhance the audio.  

After extensive searches online, finding others in the same boat and no solution that has worked, I'm posting here in hope, rather than anticipation...

So I'm on here trying to get UMC404HD working on 4 inputs on Windows 10! I've tried two AISO DAWs (Studio One and Adobe Soundbooth so far). Both have only allowed two inputs.  I have the latest driver from Behringer, installed and working. I've also tried AISO4ALL in desperation - no help there. I am loathe to purchase another DAW to find it doesn't work...

Anyone with any experience, or a working system on 4 channels, please let me know, I'd be eternally grateful! 

UMC control panel:


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Re: UMC404HD DAW all 4 input channels Windows10

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I don't know either DAW you are using. Found a screenshot of I/O setup for Studio One (I think). Are you using the screen below to add the channels? Adobe likely has a similar setup screen.




Re: UMC404HD DAW all 4 input channels Windows10

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Thanks for the reply Mark.  I have set up mono (and tested as two pairs of stereo inputs too) but to no avail - the 3/4 inputs remain greyed out. It definitely will do it, but somewhere Windows or the UMC driiver is causing the problem I think.Capture.JPG