UMX610 need help!

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Hello all! Could you please help me assign PC comand to B1-B8 buttons? I have use UMX610 as master keyboard for KORG PA50 and I need control style parts from B1-B8 buttons. I have no idea how i can do this.
In att. screens from KORG manual which MIDI comand for this.
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Re: UMX610 need help!

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Which DAW are you using? Which version?

Mac or PC? Which OS?

Re: UMX610 need help!

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I'm don't use DAW. My Behringer UMX610 connect to my KORG PA50 directly via MIDI-port. I have no any problem with playing and assign MIDI CC. The problem is that I need use BUTTONS B1-B8 from UMX610 to change style part on KORG. As I see in KORG manual (see screen in att.) it is possible, but I have no ideas how assign PC (midi program change) comand to B1-B8 buttons. I dont find answer in manual UMX610.

Re: UMX610 need help!

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Hi Serhii,

Welcome to the forum. According to page 9 of the manual, you can only assign CC channels to the control elements (including buttons).
Paul Vannatto, Volunteer Forum Administrator and Moderator