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Using XR-16 with Bose L1 1S and B2 Bass


Until now I have been using my XR-16 with a typical PA setup, Two powered speakers two powered floor monitors, two mics and two guitars.  The lugging everything in, setting it up and then tearing it down and putting it away has gotten old really quick.  Anyway, I've just puchased a Bose L1 1S with the B2 Bass speaker. Originally I looked into purchasing this setup because of the trnsportation and ease of setting up.  I tested one out at a friend's house and the sound just blew me away.  Does anyone have any experience using the X-Air mixers with this setup?  Although Bose makes their own mixer to use with this, I couldn't afford it and I really do like my XR-16.  The thing is the Bose only has one 1/4" balanced jack to connect it to a sound source.  Does anyone have any advice about connecting the XR-16 to the Bose and maybe some tips on what settings in the XR-16 that I might need to set?



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Re: Using XR-16 with Bose L1 1S and B2 Bass

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Hello William.


We use our XR18 with the Bose L1 Compact system.

There is no problem.

You don't need any special setup.

I don't mind the 1/4" balanced jack. I don't want to carry a lot of cables, so I use a XLR to Jack adapter.

This Bose system just sounds so great.




Re: Using XR-16 with Bose L1 1S and B2 Bass

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Thanks for the response, it's appreciated.

Currently I have my XR-16 conneced to my Bose L1 1S using a XLR to 1/4" balanced cable on the left main out.  I have panned the mains all the way to the left.  My question now is; do I have to pan each channel all the way to the left too?

Thanks for any help.


Re: Using XR-16 with Bose L1 1S and B2 Bass

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No you don't have to pan anything anywhere, either channels, busses or main outputs. Just leave everything at the default centre pan position and all signals will come out of both L and R equally even though you aren't actually using the R output.