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XR-18: How many rack spaces? How deep?

P W - please measure it and tell us the dimensions in mm and inches - PLEASE?

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Re: XR-18: How many rack spaces? How deep?

Hi @techbassist22 ,


Welcome to the community.  I suspect (only a guess) that since the XR18 is also marketed as a stage box, that's the reason the power input isn't on the back.  I stage box is normally positioned XLR connectors up which wouldn't work with the power coming out the back. As far as the power switch on the front that would more than likely bury the power button within a web of XLR/TRS cables, making it tough to get to and also suspectible to accidental bumping.  I have an XR18 in a studio rack and I have it connected to a PDU that sequences the rack equipment up in a specific order with programmable delays in between and the PDU is then connected to the mains through a power conditioner. 


Hope this makes sense. 



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Re: XR-18: How many rack spaces? How deep?

I keep my XR18 in a small rack in the studio. It's on a slide out drawer at the bottom. When I take it live I simply unplug all the cables, throw it in the toolbox and head out. On stage I simply put it at the back, upright and out of the way of prying hands

If I wanted a rack-mounted mixer I would graduate to an X32-Rack.
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