waaldam Contributor - Level 1 10 hours ago

10 hours ago

XR18 usb not recognised

Hi everybody,I want to link my new XR18 to cubase. I installed (and reinstalled) the latest windows-driver but when connecting usb the xr18 is not recognised ('unknown device'-error). It has recognised it for a short whi...

chaitanya Contributor - Level 1 13 hours ago

13 hours ago

Tracktion download redeem code

I bought UM2 from Amazon in india and I am waiting for the product to be registered on the website. But bad server does not allow me. Secondly, I have not received the code to redeem the tracktion version. Please help

albertof Contributor - Level 1 yesterday


XR18 Noise on Phantom PWR

Hi guys, hi have problems with Phantom power on xr18. I know that someone find some pops and bumps problems, but i have also noise like pink and in my opinion a low signal with phantomed mics.Seem to much noisy, and mayb...

dlaskin92 Contributor - Level 1 Monday


UMC404HD Gain all the way down, audio still playing?

Hey guys! I've just opened my Behringer UMC404HD to replace an old interface I used to use for the purposes of streaming and recording music production and gaming. On my last interface, I was able to separate game a...

Pierre_Savage Contributor - Level 2 2019-10-21


X-Touch Logic + X32 Rack quick switch

Hi, is there any way to quick switch from remote X32 to Logic? Without shutting unit down. X32 is on ethernet, Mac is on USB.thanx

deniskolomensky Contributor - Level 1 2019-10-21


Behringer Ms101 External audio IN

Hi! Hope it's the correct section to ask the question.I have Behringer MS101 and I can't make External audio IN work right. I have another synth (Yamaha DX100 for instance) and I want to use MS101 filter. DX100 work...

BodieDoyle Contributor - Level 2 2019-10-21


X32 Effects in serial

This has probably been asked before, but I can't seem to find the answer:How do I run effects in true serial, i.e. create a send to a processor, compressor for example, then onto a delay/chorus, and then back to my retur...

Maguita Contributor - Level 1 2019-10-21


Live record with XR18

Hello everyone.I´m new here and I need your help.I have a XAIR18 and I don´to know if I can record my live shows. How can I do it?Thanks for all your help. 

adiastra Contributor - Level 2 2019-10-21


I made an Ableton control surface script for MOTÖR series!

Here is my setup for reference. To use this you have to move your pads to channel 10 in the controller. I suggest you start pad 1 at C1 and go up from there. Here is a video i made showing you how to create a n...