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Shiven Contributor - Level 1 4 hours ago

4 hours ago

Um 2 output is 3.3v rather then 48 v

So i bought Behringer um 2 audio Inter face but now facing proble. The problem is some times the phantom power supply 3.3v only which drop my volume of mic. Plz help and I bought this on Amazon on 25 march 2019

producerlawson Contributor - Level 1 11 hours ago

11 hours ago

PoCo not detected

I recently bought a Powercore compact, with the knowledge of this being a tricky topic to get a working solution for.However I'm already having connectivity problems and I just wanted to trouble shoot a few things before...

yammo Contributor - Level 1 yesterday


voice rack FX crash in ios

I use Voice Rack FX in ios. in cubasis it works but if you go back to make changes the app is not working properly the buttons have disappeared, was told by TC Helicon there is a giltch with the app, 2 yrs later still no...

Minix Contributor - Level 1 2019-12-05


recording with xenyx q1202usb

I can't seem to record audio and hear my playback track from my DAW.I have this song I'm trying to add guitar to it, i can't record the guitar and hear the other track of the song at the same time.Help please

emacdave Contributor - Level 2 2019-12-05


X32 and Cubase 10

Hi All,Further to a previous posting I can advise further to my issue.Using the X32 as DAW remote there is an issue with some VST instruments.  With soft synths (especially Halion) when a track is set to "Record Ena...

CharlieBryant Contributor - Level 1 2019-12-05


UMC22 Inst2 channel picking up Mic channel

Hello,I have recently started using the U-Phoria UMC22 to pick up audio from two seperate sources, I am recording two channels stereo in audacity, one input in the Mic and the other in Inst 2. However when recording the ...

DanN Contributor - Level 2 2019-12-04


Connecting M32+DL32, M32C+DL32, M32R

Hi,I browsed the forum but could'nt find this exact setup.We are currently using the M32+DL32 at FOH and the M32C+DL32 for IEM. But, I'm running into a issue when trying to connect a M32R for broadcast. I cant figure out...

Jbump14 Contributor - Level 1 2019-12-04


Tc helicon voice works

Having a few issues actually understanding the tc helicon voice works unit. I have been able to make it work, use it through a PA but now Im trying to run it through my Tascam dp24sd unit. I've been able to make it work ...