voicelive 3 monitor in cannot hear anything

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I cannot hear anything on my headphones when I start recording something, I have an UM2 and Im using ableton or fl studio, so when I need to record and listen to the metronome on my headphones I dont know why I dont recieve anything on my headphones and I need to heart playback because otherwise the microphone will record the metronome.


Re: voicelive 3 monitor in cannot hear anything

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Hey @lilys2133,

Can you please describe your setup a little more?  How are you using the VoiceLive 3 and UM2 together?  Are you connecting the XLR output from the VoiceLive 3 into the input of the UM2?  This Knowledge Base article explains how you can use the VoiceLive 3 as a USB audio interface, allowing you to not use the UM2 and hopefully restore your monitoring.  If that doesn't help, please return with more info and hopefully we can get it sorted for you!

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