IP2000 died!!! Suggestions please!

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I just signed up with the forum. I'm happy to be here and I should have signed up before now but just hadn't gotten around to it. Unfortunately, my first post isn't a happy one. I've had my IP2000 about a year and a half now, although I never really put it to much use until about 6 months ago. I've been using it about 3 times a week up until about 2 months ago and it worked flawlessly! It's never been treated bad or mis-handled at all. The last time I used it, it worked perfectly. Loaded it up, brought it home and stored it in my music room for about 2 months. Took it out for a gig 2 nights ago and NOTHING!!! Dead!! Tried a different power cable, nothing. Checked the fuse, nothing. So I'm at a loss as to why it would just die for no reason at all! Any suggestions on something before I ship it out to a repair facility? I bought it new at Sweetwater, but I don't know how long the warranty is good for. I think I bought it around March of 2017. Ugh. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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Re: IP2000 died!!! Suggestions please!

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Hi Walter,

Welcome to the forum and glad you finally got around to joining. Sorry to hear that your IP2000 is giving you issues. Sweetwater is very good in helping customers work through the warranty coverage. If you registered it with TurboSound within the first 90 days, it has a 10 year warranty (according to their website). If for some reason Sweetwater can't help, contact CARE (contact info is in my signature below).
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