TFX coaxial monitors

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This year I purchased
(12) TFX15's
(6) TFX12's
(4) IQ 18B subs

Purchased a bunch of the midas mixers too; which have been fantastic.

Overall been pretty happy with the speakers and performed about how'd I'd expect them too.
If anyone is interested I'd be happy to share more insight to my experience with these particular wedges.

However main reason I'm posting to the forum is 4 of the 18 TFX wedges came with an intermittent HF Driver out of the box. Has been over 6 months and still can't get warranty because drivers aren't covered and they seem to try and pin it on me.

Im a pro in the industry; stay very busy and know what a blown speaker is and how it happens.
Extremely frustrating that they try to pin it on me ; nor offer a local tech to investigate & confirm for themselves.

I don't understand why it is so difficult to get some form of direct communication from these guys..I get they have high call volume and all; but even just a chat line would be helpful, or anything...

I mean; I spent over $20K with the company and they can't find the time to call & help resolve the issues with the faulty products they sent me...
Just absurd in my opinion.

At this point i should of just sucked it up and bought new coils and moved on.
would of saved money compared to the amount of time and energy I've spent just trying to get some parts and a phone call.

I was going to invest in a bunch of the IQ10's too; but am reluctant at this point for obvious reasons.

Just trying to get this resolved for the like the fifth time... sigh....

Re: TFX coaxial monitors

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[LEFT][COLOR=#0000ff][FONT=myriad-pro]CARE by phone at (+1) 702-800-8290 for the US and Canada

email CARECREA@musictribe.com