iP1000 input gain settings?

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Hi, I have newbie questions - I'm coming from years of using an acoustic guitar amp (Carvin AG-100) for my duo with my wife: guitar and vocal. The AG-100 has a dedicated guitar input, an XLR input for a vocal mic, and a good EQ section, but the vocal channel has just a volume knob. Turn it up, whoops, feedback, turn it down, move the mic, turn it back up, etc.
Now I'm faced with setting input gains before the Master volume, and I don't get that- what are the negative numbers all about? My wife sings through an SM-58, and it seems I have to turn that channel up to +30 or so, and the guitar much lower, but when would I use negative gain?
I think if some people posted example gain settings for a vocal mic and a guitar, that would help me immensely!
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iP1000 gain settings

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Well, I'm still confused, but maybe it's not as complicated as I was thinking. I have been setting the Vocal mic at +30 and the acoustic guitar at +6.5, and it works well. There are simulated LEDs on the Turbosound app. and I set the gains so that the LEDs just appear at peaks. We played last night for a cocktail hour, set up in a doorway between two rooms (the client wanted us to be heard in both rooms), and we got several comments on the sound quality, and most important, we could hear ourselves well! I'd still appreciate comments if anyone else runs guitar and vocal through their iP 1000.

Re: iP1000 input gain settings?

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+30dB of gain sounds about right, especially if you are a soft singer.

Negative gain, essentially a pad, is used as for high level sources like a cd-player or your headphone output on your smartphone.

Guitar gain totally depends on your guitar and if it has a preamp or not.

If it sounds good, then it is good. Don’t worry too much about the levels.
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