iP500 level issue

Contributor - Level 1
Did an event earlier this week and had a strange issue crop up with my much beloved iP500 unit. Had everything set up and ready to go. Did a final sound check after the system had set for about 30 minutes just to confirm. The volume out of the unit was barely audible.

My setup: Mics and gear -> Behringer X-Air 12 mixer -> Input A on the iP500.

The "fix" was to go into setup and change the level of Input A. All I did was turn the knob so that it changed by .5dB, then put it back to its original setting.

It was like the old thing where you'd have a dirty pot and wiggling the volume knob or fader would fix the issue.

Have had this unit for nearly a year and this is the first problem I've had with it.

Is there a timeout or sleep mode that is getting activated?