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kosbax Contributor - Level 1 2019-10-17


What happened with catalina and konnekt sound cart?

What happened with catalina and konnekt sound cart?could you make a 64bit drivers-software  for os Catalina to use konnekt sound cart

nixx Super Contributor - Level 2 2019-09-06


TC Electronic Konnekt and macOS Catalina (64-bit support)

It seems that if TC Electronic won't update their TC Near software, all users of Konnekt (and Impact Twin) audio interfaces are out of luck and won't be able to use their hardware with the upcoming version of macOS. If I...

yann_ Contributor - Level 3 2019-08-22


Cool Got First, Clarity M

No new updates or improvements for this unit? Curious if it will stay like how it is or maybe some new features will be added?