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Behringer C1-U free software


I'm new to recording and I have just recently bought microphone Behringer C1-U. One of the reasons, upon which I have decided to buy the microphone, was the fact, that Behringer provides free software along with it. Honestly, I was quite disappointed - not by the software, rather by the fact that for a newcomer the information is incredibly messy. I am used to some basic work with Audacity and I know that Audacity is provided as well. But beside that there is much more software that I am unfamiliar with and there is a very small amount of information provided from Behringer about what software I am actually getting, what does it serve for (as I have said, I don't have much experience - for some it might be obvious right away, I get that) and how to use it. So if there would be someone who would be able to clarify this for me, it would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance and have a nice day!