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Behringer bought Sennheiser?

The title is a click-bite. I hope you'll forgive me that Smiley Happy


Recently I bought a Wireless Sennheiser System and I was quite shocked when I saw Behringer logo on the back of the receiver...

Label of Sennheiser EM 100 G4Label of Sennheiser EM 100 G4

I had to check if there was some acquisition recently. Unfortunately it's simply a loud audio warning sign. Why unfortunately? Because professional grade microphones and headphones are the last missing piece in the Music Tribe portfolio. Music Tribe owns all the leading companies:

  • Mixers - Midas;
  • Processors - Lake, Klark Teknik, TC Helicon
  • Speakers - Turbo Sound
  • Power Amplifiers - Lab.Gruppen

And since Music Tribe proved that is capable of making truly professional gear in a unbelievable prices (i.e. Behringer X32; Turbosound iQ series) I think they could also shake the world of professional microphones. The cheapest pro-grade wireless mic costs at least 1000 € (Sennheiser EW 500 G4, Shure QLXD); the same applies to wireless IEMs.


I know it may never happen, but I can imagine that one day I will be able to control my rack of Wireless Mics and IEMs fromy my Midas Console, as it is possible with Soundcraft Vi1000:A Shure ULXD controlled directly from Vi1000A Shure ULXD controlled directly from Vi1000