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Doesn't even Behringer staff know where to post announcements anymore?

In the old days when there used to be a forum it was fairly simple to find announcements for new firmware updates: You went to the device subforum and found a sticky post announcing the last firmware update.
Now, there is a relatively new firmware update for the Neutron (the Behringer Neutron not the Midas Neutron). There's neither an announcement in the "News (Community Announcements)" section, nor in the  "Engage->Musician->Synthesizers" section nor is there a dedicated Behringer Neutron section.
Since announcements used to quickly follow the release fo new firmware in the past I guess this "Community" mess has become so  confusing that even Behringer staff don't know where to put things in anymore. 
BTW, what's the use of such a "Community" if you find the relevant information only on Gearslutz, Facebook, etc.?

Triber Moderator

Re: Doesn't even Behringer staff know where to post announcements anymore?

That's a great point - Have you tried searching by tagged products within the "Engage" forums? As this community gets more solidified we'd like to see more folks tagging their posts for ease of searching, it will just take some time for the community to adjust to our new format 😃

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Re: Doesn't even Behringer staff know where to post announcements anymore?

Sorry, but you are fooling yourself if you think you are going to reinvent one of the earliest institutionalized functions of the internet.  You haven't created value.  You've stripped away a functional resource and replaced it with a useless social space with pretty banner pictures and badges. 


What you have done is equivalent to replacing the factory assembly line with a ping-pong table.  Sure, it looks like its going to be more fun, but nothing is getting done because you've inhibited the primary function.  People relied on that forum for their careers and livelihood.  With seemingly no testing or input from those who support your products with their purchases, you have pulled the rug out from beneath them.   

Now I visit this site once a month just to see if any improvements have been made.  (No is the answer, in case that wasn't clear).  I used to use this site regularly as an important resource to know and improve my skillset pertainent to my devices.  Now, the only place I can consistently find is Suggestions, where the wave of displeasure at this nonsense is ignored. 


Whoever sold Behringer this garbage concept should be given an award for salesmanship, then locked away for life for crimes against humanity.


Listen to your customers! Leave re-inventing online community building to those who have the skills.  In this area, you do not.  Build great products, provide great support.  Please give up this effort.  It is a fail.  Every day that you carry on with this sad spectacle is a mark against the great image you've been building.

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Re: Doesn't even Behringer staff know where to post announcements anymore?

What Tom said.

When I go to a forum, I want to hit the "new posts" button and get new posts that I am interested in.

Not, look at 40 odd pictures of things that i'm not interested in. Scroll past massive pictures of people.

click on another massive picture of someone,get forum updates. Scroll past more massive pictures of "people" read the headers of topics relating to things I haven't got.


More scrolling (on my laptop without a scroll wheel.)


Let me demonstrate how annoying it is,


some inf...












Uli is your leader...






heres a post about how...




Uli thinks...



were stupid becau









I dunno, 40 year old






synths. Or something...





learn from us





we will








you about
















bored yet.









In summary. Lose the massive bandwidth eating pictures. Get me a new post button. (That doesn't involve me reading any more X-18 posts.)


It is at this point in my post that I start to lose the will to live and think to myself "Why am I bothering ? I've wasted far to long on this. It is obvious that this software isn't designed to do what I (and others) want it to do. "The Community" has fled to pastures new. The Moderators are trying their best,but It's like trying to write a letter in Microsoft Paint. Sure, It can be done...but why would you?



But Look at the pretty picures!






Triber Moderator

Re: Doesn't even Behringer staff know where to post announcements anymore?

thanks for the feedback guys, i'll pass this on- i'll will post all new firmware updates and even available betas in the new TC electronic brand forum in the relvant categories.  

With the latest UI update the synthesizer subtribe was canceled and is now part of the bigger Musicians tribe, but there is now also a dedicated Keyboard and synth subtribe in the Behringer tribe, where you can find announcements related to Neutron, Deep mind, MS 101 etc:

Yes, we know there is still a lot of work to be done , so please bear with us.

Best regards,



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