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Mastering with X32

I know that you can daisy chain the effects into same Mixbus channels. Let's say your pre master is coming in on card 1&2. Let's say your Mixbus 1&2 are available. Select the Stereo paired channels 1and2, shut them off main bus. Now select bus 1&2. Pair them. Shut them off main bus. Now send channel 1and2 unity gain "0" on the bus send for 1and2. Now go to effects. Setup slots 1-8 effects of your choice and assign them to bus1&2. The x32allows you to daisy chain multiple processors into the same bus. Now go to usb recorder and tab over to configuration. Set left and right channels to record left and right main. Select post fader. Now you can master a mixdown and use whatever you need in the mastering session that you selected for effects for bus 1and2. Now you can record a mastered song via the usb recorder built into the console! How cool is that? Then simply transfer the usb stick and transfer wave file to Computer. Mastering session is done

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Re: Mastering with X32

It's pretty interesting. But I have another question.

I made the experience, that live can a reverb sound very good, when I apply an "Edison" on it, to spread the base about 180°.

In X32 are reverbs and "Edison" as well. How can I apply the Edison onto the reverb?

Kind regards