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X32 Rack outputs spiked; nothing in inputs

Hello all, 
I have an X-32 Rack unit that we use on stage for our in-ears. It's in a stage box with a power conditioner, 4 in ear units, a S16 stage box and a split snake. We have been using this since Oct of 2017. At the beginning of the 2019 summer when we would turn it on (Power conditioner first, then X32, then S16 after the X32 was all booted up (everything is plugged into the power conditioner)), it would boot up like normal, the screen would flash a couple times and then the outputs would spike. If I reboot the system a few times, the problem would eventually go away. This last weekend the problem didn't go away. I've booted it up fully connected to everything and I've booted it up with nothing connected. I've tried different ways of shutting it off and turning it on. I updated the firmware to version 3.11.  No difference. 

Any thoughts? Thank you!

This is my last stop before just taking it in for repairs.